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I look forward to it! I've played a few of your games at this point, I like your style :)

145 points. Is that good for a first try?

I like the idea, but because the game always tries to spawn as close to the spawn points on the right as possible, it means you can, very early in the game, get stuck in a cycle of having a stack of two blocks one the spawn, needing the bottom one, picking up the one above to place elsewhere, ands by the time you've done that, it's respawned.

I think it might feel fairer if it explicitly looped which of the 3 points it was trying to spawn to each time. That way, if you clear a block near one, it won't get covered again until blocks have been placed for the other two. (Well, at least until they're *all* so surrounded that everything's in one big mass anyway, but that's the inevitable outcome regardless :) )

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Oh no, I'm stuck!

I hit the ...switch? ... in the fourth room (bottom-right room), went back to the bottom-left room where the door was now open. I went as fast as I could, and collided with the red enemy in the left area as it moved down... And then it stopped moving. It's just sat there, blocking my route. I've tried moving back to the room on the right and back, I've tried running into it, running into other enemies, changing my checkpoint... Nothing, it's just sitting there.

I had a look at the vid at the Gamedev Cityffest demo blog post, and it looks like it's meant to just keep going round and round?

I guess I'll restart and try again, only 4 rooms to go back through :)

Edit: Sure enough, on my next play through, no such issue. Fun demo, thanks :)

I keep coming back to this! Great fun, even if I've essentially "solved" it by now; I can get gone before 1:33am ~90% of the time now.

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I hope this is an OK place to report a bug!

I'm on level 27 (playing in browser), and got into a situation where I'd pushed the top guy so their body was right next to the first door, with their hand in the doorframe. Once I pushed away the crate holding the door open, the level reset completely, except now the controls don't work.

I can still hit Esc to bring up the menu, the music is playing, and the scrolling background is still, y'know, scrolling, but WASD/Arrows do nothing. Refreshing the page to reload the game fixes it, and retains my progress (thankfully!)

Good game so far, really enjoying it :)

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Yeah, a neat cyber-punk mystery, elevated greatly by Rana's usual high standard of writing.

This was fun! I kept having a bug where, after being hit, my weapon bar stopped filling up, meaning I couldn't attack and was doomed :o The random weapon swaps are interesting! It'd be cool if it kept the % progress towards the reload across weapons (especially when it "switches" to the same weapon again). Keep going, this is good!