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Oh no, I'm stuck!

I hit the ...switch? ... in the fourth room (bottom-right room), went back to the bottom-left room where the door was now open. I went as fast as I could, and collided with the red enemy in the left area as it moved down... And then it stopped moving. It's just sat there, blocking my route. I've tried moving back to the room on the right and back, I've tried running into it, running into other enemies, changing my checkpoint... Nothing, it's just sitting there.

I had a look at the vid at the Gamedev Cityffest demo blog post, and it looks like it's meant to just keep going round and round?

I guess I'll restart and try again, only 4 rooms to go back through :)

Edit: Sure enough, on my next play through, no such issue. Fun demo, thanks :)

Thank you for playing! I’ve heard about this bug once before and haven’t quite figure out what the reason is. This enemy is meant to go round and round, but I admit, the code for it is a bit (very) junky, so anything can happen. My guess is that it gets slightly misaligned when colliding with a checkpoint and switches to going upwards while still being against the wall.

Glad you had fun! :) This game is the first in my “games to finish someday” list, so I’ll definitely get back to it. Eventually.

I look forward to it! I've played a few of your games at this point, I like your style :)