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My satisfaction of a well-delivered paper was only matched by my despair of watching a good tapir get run over by a car

Thanks for playing the game! We just added an update to clarify how to use the nose indicator to find roots -- hope this helps!

Check out the updated version of the game -- we've made it clearer now how the sniff system works. Hopefully this helps!



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I've only been using GMEdit for a few days, but already it's become an indispensable tool. Going back to the standard Gamemaker Code Editor feels like trying to code with caveman tools again.

Unfortunately, been forced to do that due to GML 2.3 Beta changing the .yy definition of objects, which is preventing GMEdit from saving object files. I believe it's because spriteId is now a JSON object instead of an ID string, and variables are identified by the key "name" instead of "varName". 

Hopefully this can be addressed soon, just wanted to bring the the dev's attention!

Thanks for playing, and especially thank you for the bug report! I believe I figured out what the issue was (looks like it had to do with trying an inventory item on a certain late-game puzzle), and pushed a fixed version. 

Very cute game with nice graphics. Great sense of story and place. Would love to see a follow-up to this with generated levels, which could make it even more fun to replay.

This is a real clever mechanic, especially how trading-up denominations is a natural and understandable progression arc. Not being able to heal makes it a bit brutal at the hands of the RNG, but really enjoyed playing.

Really liked this concept. In some ways, reminds me of a more traditionally-rogue version of the Into the Breach combat mechanics (in that it replaces what is typically probability with tactics). Also thought that replacing health with a certain number of defensive moves before death was intriguing!

Super fun game, I thought the level generation was particularly good. I really got the feeling that I was sneaking around these haunted buildings. Nice job!

Thank you for the catch! Should be fixed now.

Even when I couldn't follow what was going on, had a great time doing it! Dynamic soundtrack was well executed too 

Whoops! Haven't done Unity builds in a while. Thanks for the heads up--should be fixed now!