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Roguelike where combat outcomes are pre-determined and known by the player
Submitted by gridbugs — 2 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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  • I have a few complaints but only because I really love this entry. 1. I wish there was a combat log, it's sometimes hard to tell what happened. 2. I'm pretty sure the enemies get a free hit on you after you descend. This game is very cool. I like that there is a hard "die" condition, and you just plain need to manage that. Definitely more room to explore some more interesting techs, maybe conversions that trade an attack for defense for example. Great entry.
  • Interesting small game, somewhere between roguelike and broughlike. It takes classic roguelikes elements and puts little puzzle-ness at the top. Didn't encounter bugs, yet game could use more balance. slime99 looks really nice, in classic style, and everything is clear and readable. Flashy colors fit the setting, but it's a bit eye-tiring. I really like the main game mechanics - player needs to _collect_ attack moves and defense layers, as well as utilities. I'm a bit torn about the "fun" score, but finally I decided to give higher mark. But, if you read this, gridbugs - game would use more balance. The puzzle mechanics is not as meaningful as could be due to amount of enemies and (looks like that) complete randomness of loot. I had some series of attack findings only, and I had to save myself by blinking away too often. ...On the other hand, isn't that base premise of roguelike? You are thrown into the dungeon and use what you find in any way to survive... The dungeons itself are like the whole game - simple, rather traditional, but with unique twist; it feels almost organic. To sum things up - good game that could be even better.
  • This is a really unique and creative roguelike that has a combat system quite unlike anything i’ve seen recently. It’s essentially a deck builder where your attacks, defends and special moves are cards you can play, discard or shuffle, which are replenished or modified with pickup. It’s an initially perplexing play but once it clicks it becomes incredibly intuitive. It becomes an interesting mix of strategy and spatial reasoning, reminding me a little of Into The Breach in how every single move and choice matters more and more as you ascend the levels. The music and visuals are lovely too - I appreciated mouse support for targeting my warps and mouse over for identifying foes, and I liked the colour pallet too - very evocative of the cyberpunk slime world setting. The information is presented clearly too - after a short time playing, I knew precisely the stakes of any given situation and what my choices were. Really excellent - I think it’d work well scaled up into a full game too as the complexity already here is really compulsive.

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Really liked this concept. In some ways, reminds me of a more traditionally-rogue version of the Into the Breach combat mechanics (in that it replaces what is typically probability with tactics). Also thought that replacing health with a certain number of defensive moves before death was intriguing!