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The link for the latest version:

This is the same link that gets opened when you press "Download Now" on Itch. Can you let me know if the link above works for you or not? If it does, then maybe you need to enable alternate download option.

Sorcar community · Created a new topic Feature Requests

I'll try my best... xD

Sorcar community · Created a new topic Issues

Post all the issues here or on GitHub page:





Sorcar is a procedural modeling node-based system which utilises Blender and its Python API to create a visual programming environment for artists and developers. Heavily inspired by Side-FX Houdini, it presents a node editor with a variety of modular nodes to make the modelling workflow easier and fast. Most of the nodes are blender internal operations (bpy.ops.mesh/object) which also makes it easier for frequent blender users to manipulate geometry. It helps the users to quickly create 3D models and control node parameters to generate limitless variations in a non-destructive manner. It also provides the users to view and edit mesh on any stage of the node network independently, with realtime updates.


I guess it’s something that makes something that makes something… xD

Download the zipped file from either itch directly, or from the following drive link:


Can't wait to download the submitted games!

I forgot to add WorldMachine, but I assume that doesn't fall under the category of 'premade assets'.


I am very close to finishing my game, and wanted a confirmation on the assets outsourced before I build the final version. The credits are as followed, and I also have included them in the game itself. Any content included in game which is not referenced below is made by me (models and environment included).


  • TEXTURES (Diffuse only) - Google Images
    3 Rock
    4 Grass
    2 Branches with Leaves
    Unreal Engine - Game Development
    Blender3D - Modelling (none outsourced), Texturing (and Texture Painting), Explosion VFX, Water simulation
    GIMP & xNormal - Texture maps creation
    MakeHuman - Base human 3D model
    GlueIt - VFX (Image sequence render) to Flipbook (anim sheet)
    GarageBand (iPhone version) - Background music
    Mixamo - Character animations (default rig)
    Google Images - 3D Modelling references

Kindly let me know if any of the content violates the rules of the jam, so that I can remove them from the final build.


- PA

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing my game! Although you like some of the shooting mechanics, I couldn't agree more on the fact that this game is absolutely basic and lacks the fun gameplay. Unfortunately, I had less than a day to create this game. Hoping to improve the UX in future gamejam games :)

Thank you so much for the review. It is the most apt and true description of the game! I, myself, don't like the bright environment and, frankly, the gameplay is too much basic. I started working on the game on 10th, so basically I had about 17 hours to make this. Unfortunately, the last thing I did before building the game was setup post-processing effects which totally backfired as I didn't test the game afterwards ;)

Thanks again for downloading my game and giving it a shot!