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is this support for auto tile?

ok, thanks. already bought. really hope your work also supports Godot or unity. why I mention 16 or 32 .cause this is more common in ITCH. which I can tempemory combine your work with other's

I already following you. and add to the collection

oh,  it's not 16*16 or 32*32.,will there be some continuous update? like 16*16 or 32*32, tile animation, or make as a pack cave  I'm sure will buy these bundles

very nice  are there a bundle?

are there any tools I can use ,or  does these work supports the autotiling . 

Really like to buy but not sure about the heavy work without tools  or  auto tiling

currently  is support the auto tiling?

how  the autotile for GODOT

I bought your bundles for serval times,

how could I buy the one which I don't have as a bundle?

another thing is   it seems there are not too many attack animations for the characters especially for the different directions

Really like your work  , looking forward to having one full function version

Really like the color ,waiting for more details

looks great,waiting for more details really love it I'm sure I will buy it if more details are added 

how you create the curve???

I bought your bundles  but still don't now how to set the autoTile

How to draw the bitmask  could help me with that

is there any character fits this great tiles

a ha  ,I found a big problem  when  i use these characters,  whether in the  idle state or run state ,when the character carrying a weapon on it's child node  it's some kind of funny .the weapon is not moving but the character is up and down

Tks ,It's really cool!!!

I can't find a link to download these base pngs , sucu as  head,face,skin (ps; i could  use these base pngs,to create a random player in the dungeon game)

I really like!!! this I don't know  if it's ok ,that  sharing the base pngs of this so  i may write a program to generate a character for player to choose