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Really like it !!

I already bought some bundles ,how to buy the reset [I mean for the complete version]

I bought your bundles for serval times,

how could I buy the one which I don't have as a bundle?

another thing is   it seems there are not too many attack animations for the characters especially for the different directions

Really like your work  , looking forward to having one full function version

are there any attack assets?

Really like the color ,waiting for more details

looks great,waiting for more details really love it I'm sure I will buy it if more details are added 

how you create the curve???

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There is  something wrong with the the orange hair character's  walk up animation  

(when he walking up  the hair  looks  unnormal)

my mail is  I bought the bundle  and one of your work(few weeks ago and it is included in the bundle )

BTW  really like yopur work!

ONE questtion  I bought one of your work, now I want to buy the bundle  so can I get the payback  of the one that I bought before

I bought your bundles  but still don't now how to set the autoTile

How to draw the bitmask  could help me with that

is there any character fits this great tiles

a ha  ,I found a big problem  when  i use these characters,  whether in the  idle state or run state ,when the character carrying a weapon on it's child node  it's some kind of funny .the weapon is not moving but the character is up and down

Tks ,It's really cool!!!

I can't find a link to download these base pngs , sucu as  head,face,skin (ps; i could  use these base pngs,to create a random player in the dungeon game)

I really like!!! this I don't know  if it's ok ,that  sharing the base pngs of this so  i may write a program to generate a character for player to choose