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ye I do that a lot too, start a jam entry way too late and end up rushing quite a bit '^^)
you still pulled it off pretty well👌

you mentioned a lot of what I thought of while playing, like "shouldn't dodging have i-frames" was literally a thought I had so they're probably all good ideas xD

go forth!

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lil feedback:

  • a pause menu would be welcome
  • a controls introduction would be nice too (I had no idea you could dodge or focus till I looked at again)
  • if you hit C to upgrade a MAXed-out upgrade, it'll still spend your points T_T
  • the boss is a big ramp-up in difficulty compared to the enemies, it could help to make the boss easier make the enemies more difficult >:)
not sure if it's a good score, but it's 18000%
higher than the default hi-score ^·^

pretty simple yet pretty fun game!

awesome level switching, the entering animation is so cool!

can't wait for some real levels to play around in🙏

challenging but sweet

... except for that snake.

don't let the uneventful beginning fool you, this game and its prequel are a great experience!.

love the music too ^^

don't worry, I won't let them know the icosphere is actually [REDACTED]

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it took me ages to pull off the final task, but it was worth it... don't expect much of an indication of when you are doing the puzzles right :v

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a great short game nevertheless! ^^