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I see what you are saying here, I had to rush it. I might release updates to it which will make it "Better"

I am Going to restart the project, the game is broken and i will rewrite all the code and remake all the levels. New version coming soon

plz write here

i did math and in order to win the prize you need to get a ticket and if this goes for plan to them they can earn 3x the amount we make so whats the point

i have high hopes for my game now


rawnblade101 is the guy who is also making this game with me


Do You have any ideas for the next update

NOTE *this game is in active development and will not be done. future release date might be next year *

it will every week

i deleted the file. but i am making another one. and the other one is way better. i am releasing pre-alpha 2 now

it is sloppy. so i am making another one that has good graphics. these are dev clips from my second game

right now i am making a prototype for a weird 3d platformer called unarmed or something like that

its mostly just for youtube content

yes, i could of polished it better because someone from my family came to my house and they are young and also was playing hypixel skyblock

you have the same first name as me.................................................................................................

it is...  doughnut warzone in the sky puzzle?

I have officially made the dumbest name for a game ever in the history of

Mini Jam 56: Sky community · Created a new topic UM........

i made a post but i forgot what it was so now i am going to say it is my first game jam. and yea.

ok. (:

Comment Please

great. for some reason. no one else comments on my games

sorry. I was just getting too deep into the youtube video i was making. before the video i made i played the worst rated games and i got mad. that video was scrapped though. but i still like your game now.

ha. i beat it

I am making a youtube video about games with the same name as mine you can play in the browser. And i officially give you the rank of #1 out of all of the other games called floor is lava you play in the browser besides mine. congrats on your rank!

this is in my youtube video about floor is lava games / games with same name as mine. I give you the rank of #3 since this looks like one of the gamemodes i am making in my game. congrats on your rank

renname this to get across the lava because the entire floor is not lava and it is top down so it is not auctually a floor is lava game. but since i am making a youtube video about this. you are rank #2 out of all play in browser floor is lava games, congrats on your rank.

this is just a picture of your house in 360 #making video about games on with the same name as mine

I am making a youtube video on games on with the same name as my game. I literaly had to warn people that had sensitive eyes because when i moved my mouse 2 inches to the left. my camera spun 500 times faster than the speed of a tornado times 20. and it is bad.