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Hey there, Android is a PITA so I uploaded a modified .love file instead. It's not perfectly geared for mobile, but it should function properly enough. You can open .love files using the LÖVE app- install the app first, then download and open the .love file on your phone.

yo based tbh. yeah who the heck needs them new fangled "renpys" or "unitys" (unity user). I hope you know I'm going to be abusing that Mystia picture a ton, I completely lost it once I saw it. Art for this was v fun to draw I'm glad you like it. ty for playing! o7

can't take credit for writing but writer read this (and I'll undeservingly bask in the compliments anyways because I'm a heck).  not much I can personally comment on but, ty for playing! o7

I can't take like any credit for the concept but I'll forward to those who can (the rest of the team). glad you enjoyed it, ty for playing! o7

I agree it is very gay. I blame credit our writer-composer. ty for playing!

Whoa I wonder why it's static-y sometimes. maybe I didn't notice because I'm deaf as a waterlogged dualshock 2. Fixing may or may not happen but we are aware of it now. Glad you liked the game, ty for playing!

I'm not Blarfnip but, my config file is in the folder where jrnl installed itself. Seems like by default, it is (Drive:)\Users\(Username)\AppData\Local\Programs\jrnl; the file itself is config.json. You can also take its shortcut and Open File Location

Notifications also don't work for me no matter what time I set tbh, so I just have an alarm on my phone for it

Enjoy a fun, chaotic day out with up to four players... and also lots of deer! 

Dear Biscuits is a cute couch multiplayer party game designed to be easy and fun to pick up for just about anyone. 

This game was developed by us students as our final thesis project. If you have any feedback for us, please do not hesitate to tell us! Page