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It's great Sokoban game!

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It's a good game, am I the only one who sees bees as beer, hahaha

Egg: 16/17

Time: 04:28

05.55.200,nice game!

It is very slow to play, only 25-30 FPS. My screen is 60 FPS. After using "gms_scheduler_fix", it is stable at 30 FPS. But it is very fast to play. Is there any way to make it run at 60 FPS?

The music is really great!

It has so many moves.Please ignore my previous comments. This is a very interesting game!

This is a good game. Have you considered an offline download version

I tried to translate "en. json" into Chinese and replace it, but the options all disappeared. How should I add fonts? Thank you!

I didn't expect you to reply me, it turned out to be caused by a misconfiguration of GMS, when you finish the latest jam and fix it, I will definitely try it again after the fix is uploaded, I've been looking for high gameplay on itch Games, I have tried every game you make, and I feel happy, you are an excellent game creator! If anyone asks me to recommend a game, I will definitely send them your itch page.

Why can I run your other games smoothly with 60 frames, but this game is only about 40 frames in full screen or window mode


Very nice!

A short game, music and pictures are just right!

The yellow charging bar below the blood bar is full. Is it full of blood after use? I find that sometimes when I move, there will be yellow shadows and the speed will increase. I don't know how I did it. If the yellow bar charged by picking up coins can be changed to grow and press the C key to slowly consume, so that the characters can move quickly with yellow shadows, I think it will greatly improve the gameplay. In short, this is a good game!

At first, I couldn't understand the game, but the music and gameplay made me stick to it. Five minutes later, I seemed to understand it. Ten minutes later, I was enlightened. About 15 minutes later, I cleared it. It was crazy. Small games can be so fun. The author's game production level is excellent, and I look forward to a better game! Finally, thank the author for bringing us this game. I can play it dozens of times!


Good luck, friend!

Wow, this game is really good!

it's very nice!

very nice!

This is the best itch game I've ever played!

Master level works, it is very good!

very nice!

My God, what a fairy game!

This music is great!

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The pixelation of some special pictures is perfect! This is epic software!

I didn't expect to support Chinese. This software is very easy to use. Thank you very much!

Can I use the green operation UI in the bottom picture of this interface for this update

its very nice!

Because this game is so good that I haven't dared to enter this web page that has been collected by me since Christmas. Today is China's new year's day. I must try a new update tonight. Although I can't understand English, I know that this is a really meaningful masterpiece! There are few word games with good plot and sexual elements! New year, come on!

Me too.

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There are precious Caribbean people here. Who needs Mr. Klaus and Santa Claus?

I successfully went in, thank you!

thank you. I succeeded. I try to use someone else's module. I found that my error is the problem of decompressing the software, but I can implement mod by replacing the compressed package. Thank you!

Modify the URL of music to display error code 502,display host error

Modify the URL of music to display error code 502,display host error