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Thanks for the nice comments and super glad you enjoyed it! A bigger demo is coming to Steam very soon and it runs great on Steam Deck :)

Thanks a lot!

The full game is a roguelite with bite sized runs, that is to say, you are intended to eventually run out of fuel. There are fuel replenishment blocks, but they are rare. In the full game, you can upgrade your fuel tank to extend run lengths.

Beautiful fonts! Just purchased the pack.

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Yes, we've been making lots of changes and that is one of them! We have also added new things.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game.

Note your opinion on the weapon drops. I'll have a think about if this can be improved.

There are menus displaying the weapons and stat upgrades - this will be available in the full version.

The x2/x3 chance should perhaps be re-written. The way it works is that it increases the existing (hidden) chance to draw x2 or x3. For example, if you have a baseline 10% chance to draw an x2 and you have a 20% upgrade, then the amended chance is 12% (10% x 1.2).

Thanks very much! Enjoyed watching the video.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the report as well. It's not a bug - card draws are independent from weapons, meaning you can get cards for weapons you don't have (yet).

Can you clarify - did you not manage to start a new game at all, or were you unable to figure out the controls in game? The controls are just WASD/arrow keys, so I am suspicious that something has gone wrong for you.

Thank you! And thanks for making the video - it was fun to watch!

Thanks! =D

Thank you!

Yes that's absolutely fine. I submitted one contribution myself.

No, sorry!

Itch haven't responded to me yet so I've just emailed you a key.

Strange! I've submitted a ticket to itch to see if they can assist. I'll check back again soon.

Hi, thanks for the purchase. I looked on my dashboard and there are keys still available (and many claimed - so it seems to be working).

The page says:
"Keys will be distributed to a purchaser when they first click the request key button on their purchase page."

Can you try to find this?

I've recently updated the game to 1.3.1, which includes a change that might solve the issue you are having. Please give it a try!

Thank you!

Sorry you're experiencing this issue. Please open the settings menu, go to the visual tab, and ensure that "Async loading" is unticked. Does that help?

Please note: If you have played the game before we recommend that you reset your input mappings (Misc menu) to ensure the new actions are bound correctly.

Hi RyanAvx - unfortunately we do not have a demo version of the game available.