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its good actually, but character movement was bit slippery, so im always fall when im on scene 2, 

good game anyways

love the graphics, it must be artist put all effort to create this, 

great game anyways

good game, i love the environment, and music of course, 

but if you ask me for one critiques, i consider to suggest adapt the camera by two's player separate while they move to different direction, bit late i realize, its multiplayer haha

its fun when i play the candy section. but little bit confusing with snowball, is it just to avoid the snowball throwed by AI or what ? but thanks for made this game, im enjoyed this

according to the graphic, and you mentioned you've been working on this for last 24 hours, its amazing. character, and environment had their place on my mind.

maybe one thing i consider to be fixed just control movement by bear itself, 

so far, this belong to good game anyways.
Well played