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In the second quarter of this year

In the full version, you can choose one for each fuel type. Thank you for your feedback!

It looks like you didn't buy this research

Yes, this will also appear in 1.3

I will try to make the guide more detailed in the full version of the game.

The parts have their own temperature limit. The peat increased the efficiency of the boiler too much and it broke down due to overheating. You should have reduced the power of the boilers to avoid this.

An update will be released soon in demo version in steam, most of the bugs of the previous version will be fixed.

The building should not block the forest and locked plot, and there should also be enough money for construction.

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Can't you build a power plant? Is the square under the building in your hand white?

You need to build a power plant next to a power line


But then one boiler will be enough to warm up the many turbines.

Sorry, I didn't understand you. Do you mean to make large parts that span several cells? Or are you talking about parts that heat several power units?

I advise you to set the heating to 70%, and the water supply to 30%. The game uses degrees centigrade. Water begins to evaporate at temperatures from 100 and above.

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Most likely, the problem was the lack of access to create files. Probably, if you run the game as administrator, it could earn in Program Files (x86).

Thanks for your feedback! In the next update, a guide will appear about the beginning of the game, as well as pop-up descriptions of some buttons (for resources, details, etc.)

1. Try moving the game folder in any other path than Program Files (x86).
2. Try moving the game folder to drive D :.

If all else fails, send a screenshot along path save/tech tree path.

Write me the path to the game folder and attach a screenshot with the save folder

Check that the game files (local, resources, settings.ini etc) are in the same folder with the game executable

Thanks for playing! A tutorial will definitely appear in the game.

In a future update, I will speed up the purchase of resources a bit to solve this problem. Purchasing resources is an integral part of the game. My plans are to limit the maximum number of resources stored in the warehouse, but you will have the opportunity to expand the warehouse. 250 >> 500 >> 750 >> 1000 etc

1. The issue of price is very controversial. I don’t know how popular the game will be, and whether it makes sense to set a price for it so that the development of the game progresses more professionally. I will try to launch beta testing on Game Jolt and Itch to find out what I should do next

2. Specifications on which the video of the alpha version gameplay was shot:

Video: gtx 960 2gb
Ram: ddr2 8 gb (4x2)
Proc: phenom ii x6 1055t

3. Reactor incremental and Reactor idle

All technologies are aimed at facilitating the game, most likely, this is a translation of Google Translate

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Most of the mechanics in the game are terribly implemented, I don’t know what this problem is connected with, and the game is no longer supported. Now I'm developing this game from scratch, it will be called Reactor Tech 2.0

Hover over the music in the settings, there will be a button with a forest, click on it to switch

Build powerplants, buy required resources and build coolant objects (pools, vents, etc)

In next update 1.9.0 this bugs fixed
With the destruction of objects, problems will arise much less frequently than before

Try to create the path D:\Games\ReactorTech

Thank you for your feedback, kartezjusz2009

1. A pause will give you unlimited time for making decisions on the power plant problem (And this is not what I need)
2. Please explain the problem in more detail. If you have fuel, but no water - then heating is natural
3. You need a disk "D:" for normal operation of the game (Saves)
4. The construction and improvement of batteries works in the latest available version very badly. In version 1.9, I completely remaked upgrading the batteries.

Expect a new update!