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This is not a game for anyone who wants to play games as written [me]. This is instead a very cleverly written set of tools to alter an already written game (in this instance 5eDND) to bend the game to an absurdist isakai setting, where the players take on the role of reality breaking entities that wield improbably power in a world that follows much more limiting rules. The underlying mashup of themes in the text itself is strongly reflected in the layout and art style of the 26 page PDF.  With no idea of who to recommend this game to as something to play; instead, I will recommend this game as something to read if you are passingly familiar with game design especially if you are interested in seeing an idea takin to its logical extreme and really commiting to the concepts the game wishes to impart.

Thanks for the review. The word additional would probably have been good to add there. Its supposed going down another step for a partial success. 

[Posted as review] 

This combat-focused adventuring game features a fairly crunchy core system, classless character creation, large tables of advancement and power options, player and/or GM-created fantasy(?) races.  

- Big number stats and skill bonuses

- Complex tactical, grid-based combat

- Lots of special powers to keep track of

- Skill repetition based character advancement

- Limited guidance on out of combat skill use

- Example settings in the back

- Limited direction, but GM centric setting creation/rule selection 

 - If you want to fight the bad guys with your "original characters" this is the game for you., if things can be submitted still