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Hey man, I hope you are well. I was just trying to set an order through for the Sega Saturn books and saw that none of your books are there anymore. Any idea what happened? Any chance you can put them back up? I would really like to print them somewhere, but so far I am happy with the end products via lulu

That's not an issue at all for me, it's the content that counts for me as there is no alternative as reference guide. 
The thing is I am ordering these through a local vendor because they let me use some discount codes from work, so I end up getting it for less. So hopefully nothing messes up in between, but I doubt it will if I ensure they get the ISBN/Link of each. 

So far I purchased the Neo Geo, Jaguar, SMS, PS1 vol 2, PS1 vol 3 and now ordering 7800 and Vectrex.
Planning to eventually get Saturn, PS2, Game & Watch, Commodore, 2600 and the Portable ones,
For the rest, I already have some other reference guides.

I must say that since I recently started collecting for the Famicom, I would have loved to have a reference guide for the JAP games. Especially with a pic of each cartridge as I am really lost whether I already have something by just looking at the japanese titles on the internet :D
Will email you in the next few days to get the template in case I end up with some spare time and try something like that myself. I can use the research.

Hey man, can you please correct the name of this one in

Both of the Volumes appear as Vol 1.

I was going to order them, but was affraid they might mess it up and send me the same book twice :D

So I will order Atari 7800 and Vectrex instead today.

Thanks, will do

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I wouldn’t mind getting the template. That way if you ever think you are done making these, I can try and pick up the mantle with some of the niche systems as well :) I am also an avid collector and take extra interest in the exclusives for some of these. In fact if I ever have one thing I would have included to your work, it would have been a small marking for the titles that can still be playable only on that system alone :) I often prioritize playing those first since everything is multiplatform these days rather than platform-defining…

If there is any way you think a sort of a community help can be done, I will be glad to be involved by adhering to your formatting that I must say I am pretty familiar with by now :D  As I said before I am myself pretty obsessed with lists, so if you ever figure out some sort of a standartized approach that I can just collect you and send you all the required info over a period of time, then I will be happy to assist. 

All the best!

Hey, I recently ordered the PSX Vol 2 via as a test to see whata larger book will look out printed as a test. I must say that I am very pleased with the result and will order the rest of the volumes over time, after which I will do the same for the PS2. I really love your work and I am only hoping that at some point in the future you will cover some more recent stuff like the PS3 or Vita/PSP.

All the best and I hope this series continues!

I am sure that with your pace one day you will end up doing a full circle around all retro consoles if that is your intention. While there are a lot of encyclopaedias about the popular ones - NES, SNES, N64, etc. there is a certain middle ground between retro and modern consoles that no one has covered - PSP, GBA, DS etc or there are some big failures as consoles that no one really wants to write about - CDi, 3DO etc. I am personally collecting systems only (currently reached 70+), however I always needed some sort of a list when selecting the best games on a console to play so that I can beat at least those and put the system back in the box and on the shelf.  Even Wikipedia doesn’t have an entry for every game or pictures regarding each title, this is where your books come into play, since I can quickly have a usable reference about ratings and a summary for each title.

The only field I am truly missing is whether a game is exclusive for the platform or not or what it’s also available on, but I guess since we live in the age of constant remasters and remakes such section might never grow old well, requiring updates to stay accurate.

These arrived in the mail today and the look stunning! The External Quality of the pages is even better than what the PDF was suggesting. 
The inside print is not particularly special, but it is still reasonably done. I will upload several pictures here for reference for the people that are undecided and once its salary time, I will proceed with the purchase of the PS1 books :)
Thank you for doing this once again! We both have a very strong obsession with lists and catalogues, but you have done all the work here, whilst I am just getting my fix :)

I started off with a few smaller items. Ordered the Jaguar, the NeoGeo and the Sega Master System ones first so that I can assess the quality of the printout. They should be with me in a week or two. If you want I can gladly send you some pics of the finished product or if there are any visible imperfections for your future references. 

I am not really bothered by small insignificant faults as I would rather have a physical copy in paper to go through and make some notes about instead of scrolling down endless PDFs, which I’ve also downloaded just in case :)

would gladly order more as soon as I see how the first batch looks like :)

Move along

Hey, I read your note about the error. But I was really hoping if there is any chance this might get resolved in the future?
I absolutely love your work and would want to have them printed out at Lulu in full over time :)
Really looking forward to this getting resolved as the PS1 and PS2 due to their massive libraries rarely get any encyclopedia coverage. (Geeksline have omitted the Software catalogue from their Playstation Anthology in English and Perfect Catalog is only in Japanese, hence you are my only hope I can get something on the topic)
Looking forward to your future work as well!