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Hey, I recently ordered the PSX Vol 2 via as a test to see whata larger book will look out printed as a test. I must say that I am very pleased with the result and will order the rest of the volumes over time, after which I will do the same for the PS2. I really love your work and I am only hoping that at some point in the future you will cover some more recent stuff like the PS3 or Vita/PSP.

All the best and I hope this series continues!

Hi :D

Sorry for the late reply. I have bought one of the PS1 volumes myself and was also pretty pleased by Lulu's quality. I have not yet looked at how to fix the missing PS2 volumes though, so you may want to wait before buying them if you want to buy every volume. 

I think the PS3 would be a fun project, but the library is so massive that it would probably be bigger than the PS2 PDFs (which I think took a whole year to make). The PSP and Vita would also be fun, but their library is also pretty massive. I really don't know yet if I have it in me to take on such a large project :) 

If there is any way you think a sort of a community help can be done, I will be glad to be involved by adhering to your formatting that I must say I am pretty familiar with by now :D  As I said before I am myself pretty obsessed with lists, so if you ever figure out some sort of a standartized approach that I can just collect you and send you all the required info over a period of time, then I will be happy to assist. 

All the best!

That's kind of you to offer but I think I'm more comfortable working alone. If you want to start on a PDF/book yourself then I could give some of the InDesign templates I use when I start a project. I use a fifteen year old InDesign though, so I'm not sure how compatible it will be with the present inDesign software.

I think we are very similar as I also love making lists. Making lists also fits in with my manic collecting :p

Take care. Daniel :D

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I wouldn’t mind getting the template. That way if you ever think you are done making these, I can try and pick up the mantle with some of the niche systems as well :) I am also an avid collector and take extra interest in the exclusives for some of these. In fact if I ever have one thing I would have included to your work, it would have been a small marking for the titles that can still be playable only on that system alone :) I often prioritize playing those first since everything is multiplatform these days rather than platform-defining…

You can send me a message on the email written on the first page found in the PDFs and we can work out how to send the files. 

Thanks, will do