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Hi. Yeah, sorry. Lulu purged my account.  They didn't want to give me a good explanation, just a standard copyright strike text. It was apparently because of the N64 PDF I tried to upload.  Annoyed that I can't buy from Lulu anymore since I haven't bought many of the books myself yet :p

I tried using ingramspark, but it looks like I have to buy my own isbn to get a PDF published. Maybe I find something similar to lulu some time later. I don't know :/

Take care :)

Hi. Yeah, sorry. Lulu kicked me off their platform. I have tried looking around, but it's a little difficult finding something that have quality prints and is affordable. I'll send you a comment if I find something. Little annoyed that I can't buy from Lulu anymore since I haven't bought many of the books myself yet.

I'm not working on anything at the moment. I don't know any websites that is a good starting point if you want to make a Xbox or Sega book. When I start a project I first look around the net after a site that have a detailed list of the games library, then I work from there.

I've received your email :D and sent you a download link for the four templates I found that looks somewhat useable. I use a 15 year old InDesign program though, and don't know if they are on the updated InDesign program, but I think it should work fine.

I hope you have fun with your project and manage to complete the NDS book. I think people would be very interested in a book/guide for that system :D


I haven't seen a mail from you in the mailbox yet. Maybe you can try again and write "itch" or something in the subject bar when sending a mail.

Yes, off course :)

You can send me a message on the email written on the first page found in the PDFs and we can work out how to send the files. I think creating a book on the DS is great :D

I don't make anything if someone buys it from other vendors than lulu, such as Amazon. It is because I set the price on "global market" (which is a feature where lulu sells the book on other places than lulu) as low as possible (1cent) because of the high price of the books. I'm happy either way if someone buys from lulu or other places :) So when it's possible, then go for the cheapest option ;)

I have thought a lot on doing a Famicom PDF since it would probably be a very fun project. But I don't have any plans on starting one.

I got your mail and will try to find the different templates I've used. They are not very pretty though, but you could maybe use them as a starting point and expand on them if you ever start your own project :D

Hi :) Thanks :D

No I'm sorry I haven't made a physical version yet.

I want to add that the text on the spine on vol.2 is too large and bleeds over to the front and back cover a little bit. I'm okay with it but it does look a little ugly in the bookshelf.

Yes I know I messed up :/ I found out my mistake after I bought the two books myself. It looks like Lulu won't let me change it without making me buy another proof copy. It's only on the Lulu page the title is wrong though. I think it's unlikely Lulu will mess up a order since they only print a book if someone orders it. 

How many of these have you bought? You probably have a bigger library of my books than me soon :p

You can send me a message on the email written on the first page found in the PDFs and we can work out how to send the files. 

That's kind of you to offer but I think I'm more comfortable working alone. If you want to start on a PDF/book yourself then I could give some of the InDesign templates I use when I start a project. I use a fifteen year old InDesign though, so I'm not sure how compatible it will be with the present inDesign software.

I think we are very similar as I also love making lists. Making lists also fits in with my manic collecting :p

Take care. Daniel :D

Hi :D

Sorry for the late reply. I have bought one of the PS1 volumes myself and was also pretty pleased by Lulu's quality. I have not yet looked at how to fix the missing PS2 volumes though, so you may want to wait before buying them if you want to buy every volume. 

I think the PS3 would be a fun project, but the library is so massive that it would probably be bigger than the PS2 PDFs (which I think took a whole year to make). The PSP and Vita would also be fun, but their library is also pretty massive. I really don't know yet if I have it in me to take on such a large project :) 

yes you can print it off course. I think it is a cool idea to keep it the same size as a MD cover :) hopefully the pictures and text won´t be too small.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I just want to say thank you and I really, really appreciate your review.  You are 100% in that I have a (maybe unhealthy) obsession with lists. I created the first PDF/book (NES) when I started collecting NES games. I couldn't find a good collection guide/list at the time so I started making my own (I actually found the PDF/book I was searching for when I was nearing completion on the project "") (it's Swedish, but I love the page design).

That's nice of you to offer :) I have already bought the less expensive books myself. Lulu is pretty fast with printing and shipping the books out. I have only flicked through them though, but they looked ok i think.

Hi :)
I have not yet looked into it, so I don't know if this is an easy fix or irreparable :/ Maybe it can be resolved if I buy a PDF editor program. But I think you should wait and see before buying one of the PS2 books. I bought the first volume myself (so expensive. Not sure if I will ever buy the rest :p) and was really pleased with Lulu's finished product. I also bought the last volume (vol.8), but I think the PDF was messed up or something as several images were heavily pixelated (I think this only happened to vol.8 as it was some problems when uploading it to lulu). I have also messed the PDF up in some way since the PS2 books (and several other of the later PDFs I made) have "ghosting shape" (or what the name of it is) on the transparent png. image  (also known as "White Box (DWB) syndrome").

Hi :D
I have not yet bought any of the Saturn print books, so I don't know what the finished product will look like (if there are any errors or something), but I am really happy with Lulu's print quality from the print books I have bought. There are some bleed/off center though (white area around the edge of the pages) on most of the print books, but I don't find it distracting.


Wow! That's more praise than I feel worthy of :O Thank you very much. Your words means a lot to me.
You are right in that these PDFs don't earn very much. I am always interested in what internet creators earn, and maybe some want to know what I have made on these. I have made a little over $400-after tax-since February, which I think is actually very good for something like this. I feel pride in that there are people willing to pay $10 for a PDF I made/copy/pasted/whatever.  I find it crazy that someone find it worth so much.
The reason I make these PDFs is that I like it. I like reading up on a system and searching for information about it, editing and designing the layout of the pages. It does take a very long time though, and I'm not good at time managing stuff in my home life. I often get very obsessed when I'm doing a project and it eats up much of my time (I'm similar when it comes to video games, which is why I steer clear of online games :p I only play games with an ending).

I agree with the Alexandria library. Insane to think on what kind of wonders and information we lost.

I have promised (for the eight times probably haha) that this was my last book project. I hope I can keep the promise this time :p but it's very difficult when I get the itch (no pun) to start another project. A lot of the consoles you listed have been on my mind. I would love to continue from the FM-7 to other Japanese home computers, but they are a lot of work and because I don't know the language a lot of mistakes will occur. The PSP would also be fun, or the DS or Wii. But their libraries are huge. And the "forgotten systems" you lists have also been on my mind.

Thank you very much for your words and have a very great Christmas and new year!
From Daniel :)

Hi . 
Yeah, I know the 10cent price is getting forced up to $1 - making it some click-bait shit. I don't know what to do though, because I want to sell it for 10cent and only way to sell something under a buck on itch is to sell it on 'sale'. I know EURO people have to pay the full buck, but I thought US people could get away with a 10cent pay. I don't know what to do though. I guess I'll bump it up to a buck, then just make a bundle with every other paid PDF and sell it for $1. It's a shame though for people who already paid for some of the other PDF/or doesn't find them interesting. It works on though - I make 2cents on the $159 hardcover book haha.
From Daniel :)

Great :D Thanks

Thanks :D

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Hi. Sorry, I don't think I will do an Amstrad PDF. I think I may be done with making any more PDFs of these types as they are too time consuming (but this is something I have said to myself several times, but it's hard to stop when I first start thinking on another project :P )

Do you have a "throw-away" email btw, so I can send you a key?

That's great :D I love the JP PSX games. So many absurd and fun titles :D I had a several shelves full of those large limited edition versions. Sadly I sold everything for a pittance. Kicking myself about it at least weekly :p I still have my PS2 with HDD though. So ROMs is still an option.

Warmest regards from Daniel :)

Listened to a few of the episodes of the podcast :D Really great. Think I'm becoming a fan :)

Hi. Sorry for late reply. No, I don't think I will do one on Spectrum. The library is to large and I have never played one, so I wouldn't feel capable of doing one properly.

I agree :D


I would like to send you a download key, but itch doesn't have a PM system. Do you have some way to PM you?

Thanks. That really gives me a happy feeling in my belly button. I will try to take my time with this project and not just rush through it.

I'm happy you like the PDF. You can use what you want from it. I don't need any credit:)

Hello. I think it would be fine to send the pdf to lulu for printing. Just choose A4 format when creating it for lulu print.

I'm sorry. I have only used lulu. Don't know any other sites.

Hi :)
Yes, a lot of the PDFs are not available through lulu. I have excluded several PDFs just because it takes some time to create it for lulu, and I don't think the quality of the PDF is worth the price . It's too expensive, even though I have turned the price so low that I  don't think I earn any revenue from the site.

I'm not allowed by the people I live with, since it's takes so much of my time :p But if I would start another then I would have liked it to be the Amiga. But the library is enormous :/ I have thought a bit of the Xbox. It would be a lot less work.

Thanks! What a great comment. I don't have a news drop or something. I'm not working on a project at the moment. Have a good week :D


That's great. I'm happy for you :D

Hi. Funny you mentioned a Lego book because I started one a few years ago, but had to give up because of too little knowledge on it (and because of how massive the project would be). I don't have any plans to start another project.


I´m sorry but I don´t think this is something I would have fun making.