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Thanks :)


I hope you find a lot of hidden gems.

Sure. I will make it free over the weekend :)

try if it works now

Hi. I just tried it and it downloads fine on my end. If you point me  to a upload site, then I can upload it for you :)

I am not sure what you mean. This PDF will always be free, so you don't have to worry that it would be a paid download at some time :)

Haha. That's a bad typo. I will fix it after at some time. Thanks :)

Hi. Thanks for taking time to write such a long post to me. I liked reading through it :) I will try to answer most of your questions. I know the PDFs included errors, since I am using information found online, which often contradict from source to source. I know that taking donations (with two paid projects) is a grey area with my PDFs  since they include sources taken from other areas online. But I hope I have made them somewhat in the area of fair use. If some of the sources I have used have issues with some of my PDFs, then I would remove their content without hesitation. I have taken a break from making these PDFs. If I start making more of these then I do not know what the subject will be.

I respect your privacy about giving away information. I will make the two paid PDFs (PS2 and Arcade vol.2) free for some days for you to download :) I do not need any monetary compensation. I'm just happy you find the PDFs useful :)


Thanks. :)

Hey :) I have not started another project. I had to take a break since I got too absorbed in them making them take all my time from other things. I will probably get drawn into another PDF project at some time, but I do not know what console I would start on.

From Daniel :)

Be safe :)

To Memosoma:

I`ll send you a free key :)

sure. ps2 is free for a while

Hi. I am not sure if I will make a PSP pdf. I am taking a break at the moment.

I am very happy you find these projects informative and/or fun to read. I hope you get good use of them for finding "new" games to play :D Have a great year :)

Happy xmas to you too :D

I have a preview PDF that I explicitly ask people to download before they use any money. If people would look through the first few pages they would get an idea on what this is made from. 

But I will write a sentence on the main page.

(1 edit)

It is a mish-mash of different text from different places which has been somewhat patch written. I have tried to make it as clear as I can that the text is not my own. It even says copy/paste by me on the front cover on each PDF, and I have given credit under the text (excluding wikipedia).

thanks. I´m glad you like it :D

np :) Send an email to me if it doesn't work:

No, not this one. But you can print the PDF yourself. Just find a place online that print books from PDFs and use them :)

Thanks :) I'm happy you like them. The only place I use for printing these PDFs are They are extremely expensive, but their quality is very good. You could probably find a cheaper site and just upload the PDF to their site and then buy the print version from them. I haven't uploaded every PDF to Lulu though.  (

I'm glad you like it :) I may start on a Xbox PDF at one point. Since both the PS2 and Xbox both feature a lot of the same games, then it would be easier to finish a Xbox book and only include the games exclusive to that console.

Thanks :) I will change it when I do a rewrite.

That's great. I hope you find a lot of fun games you never played before.

:) I hope you find some video game gems you never heard of when scrolling through the PDFs.

You can use everything as you please, with or without credits given :)

Thanks :) It makes my day when people find it useful. It makes it all worth while :D

Hacking away on the PS2 PDF ATM


That sounds cool. I will look into it. Thanks :)

Sure. I don't mid :)

Overall Gross Revenue -$690.85
SegaMasterSystemBook - $47

It's around 50% revenue when you take into consideration taxes and Itch payment. So overall I have made around 350-400 bucks since late 2014 across all platforms where I have released the PDF/books :p Maybe I should have used my time creating an iOS flappy birds clone instead :D

Thanks :)

What do you mean by support? Like revenue?

That's no problem. I just hope you find it useful and fun to read :)

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I don't know. It's so exhausting to work on these huge projects. But maybe sometime.

Thanks. I'm glad you like them :)

Yeah, the PS2 is one of my favorite console also :) It is one of the few consoles I still collect games for.

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:) I'm glad you like it. I will just take it a chapter/letter at a time and hopefully get it done before Christmas :)  I will try to make this as complete and big as possible. If you want to share it/release it as a torrent , you can do it freely :)