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Great reply 👍 A lot of debunking on my examples.

I did not know the museum stuff.  You made me feel foolish :)

You're not swaying me over with the Gamefaqs stuff. They may have had an ad free website in the past, but they don't now. Point is moot.  Some also says they don't follow the GDPR (selling your private info). Though, this may not be the case. I don't know. I just copy and paste other peoples information, it's like a disease, I can't stop.

I have nothing to add on the modding scene argument. I support and respect the modders.

I don't get your aggressive attitude. And you are very quick to blame reddit whenever someone argues with you. I don't know what happened to you at reddit, but the aggression you have against that site/community is very alarming. I'm not someone who lurk on reddit btw. No reason why. And all the downvotes? You hardly received any. And the few negative replies you got were super tame, and a little funny. Try to breathe a little through your mouth and chill out, or your will just make the net exhausting for you and the people you throw reddit insults at.

And also calling me a terrible person for charging a buck or less for some of the PDFs is a little excessive. I'm not saying that I'm not a terrible person, I confess. I am pretty terrible. But I don't think I am terrible because of this. And even though everything is copied from other places, it's not like it's a pure transcript. For most of the games I have used several different sources and written them together. It takes a very long time to make a PDF. I do everything manually. Some of the PDFs have taken hundreds of hours. And I am not making big money out of this. As of January 2018 I have made around $1500 (with a total of 272,000 downloads) I don't know if my math is correct but isn't that a little over a dollar a day?. I would think that most youtube channels who make videos on video game history are worse, or as bad, as me with taking information from other places, and regurgitating what it says. And they make a lot of money. It's ads, but it stills counts. Even the Anita chick you follow got caught doing that.

I look forward to hearing from you again (and if not, then take care and don't get offended so easily. You're a grown-up. If someone is mean on reddit (or any place else), then they are most often just a kid. Just walk away).

Love from Daniel :^*

why not

Hi. I made some of the PDFs into print books through, but stopped since the price of the books were to high. I don't know where the RAW files of the Sega Genesis is at the moment, but my guess is that if I did publish the PDF trough Lulu, it would probably be 100$+, which is way to much to pay for a print version of this PDF.

Haha. You’re an discord admin alright, I can tell XD

Well. I can’t argue against you as you are, well, sort of right. But I still think I’m somewhat in the gray zone. It’s plagiarism. No doubt about it. But I don’t think all plagiarism is bad (like, if you take a picture of a painting in an museum. Is that plagiarism?), or how much content from a text is considered plagiarism. Taking pictures from Gamefaqs doesn’t faze me though. I don’t think they have asked Sega for permission to display Sonic covers on their site. I probably shouldn’t take money for what I “make”.  But it makes me happy when someone pays me for one of my PDFs since it gives me validation that what I “make” (I know you love it when I make quotation marks) is something worthwhile. But I like comments even more :) Even irate comments :*

On the “terribly gross and misleading way to rip people off” (which sounds a little over-aggressive... like an angry white man (haha. sorry, I knew you would hate being called that. Also sry if triggered)). It already states on the page; “Text and pictures are taken from different sources found online.” And the two pictures is also the reverse of misleading, saying that I don’t own anything in the PDF, and everyone can take from it without giving credit.

Also wondering, what do you think about the modding scene and modding commercially released games?  Is it OK if you own a physical copy? Is it OK if it’s non-profit?

Kidding aside, sorry for picking on you (it was mostly in jest), and thank you for your comment (truly). It was fun making this post as I usually don’t interact with people online (even with irlfriend. Got 3 friends on steam haha). Hopefully the project I’m working on is the last and I can finally get some sleep.

Last comment: sorry for the long post which is probably riddled with grammatical errors (just like my books :D ).  And also sorry for the overuse of brackets. I really don’t know how to formulate sentences. I’m guessing people would be happy that I don’t give a lot of text input myself.

Yours faithfully
Daniel <3

Hi :)

I didn't know that. That's a stupid rule. I will make a bundle for the handhelds. That way they will cost 50cent each :)

I am doing a PDF on the Japanese computer FM-7.


Yes that's a huge difference. It looks twice as fast. I would definitely appreciate the higher speed (reminds me off the feeling after you get the bike in Pokemon red/blue :P ). Great video. It's sweet and to the point with no filler :)

Not at the moment

Have a nice holiday :)

I used on the early books, but the books are too expensive (though the quality of the print are great). If you want, you can use the PDF and print it yourself through a book printing site :)

Hi. I have gathered a some info on the Tiger series already, in case I start the project one day. I don't know at this time. Thanks for the list. It will be of help if I start the project :)

Thank you for reading :)

Thank you for your post :)

Comments like yours makes ut really hard to keep me away from starting another PDF :p

From Daniel :)

HI :)

I'm not sure what I maybe should do next. I am thinking on maybe doing another handheld compilation, as most of them have a smaller library. But I am not sure. I will have to see.

Thanks for reading them :)

hi :) I´m not sure when, or if, I start another PDF. Or what it would be about. I know that Amiga and C64 would be fun to do, but they would take a very long time, and I always gets too caught up in the projects, which affect my home life :p

Hi :)

Yeah, I agree with you that the pictures should be bigger. I started with a smaller size and I find it hard to change it since I'm so used to it (but that's a stupid excuse). I like everything to be compact and not much empty space on the pages, something I'm trying to change, as more free space is easier on the eyes and probably more pretty.

Thank you for addressing this issue to me. It's easier to see a problem when I get someone else's viewpoint.  I will try to change it  if I start another project. (I always say to myself that "THIS" is the last PDF I will make since it's eats so much of my free-time. But I have said that since the PS1 PDF.) :p

From Daniel :)

Hi :)

Thanks for the post. I have no idea on what system I should do next. I grew up with Amiga and C64 and would love to do a PDF on one of those, but they are to daunting to begin on.

From Daniel :)

put .zip as an extension :)

most likely :) I am working on the 3 other systems at the same time, and two of them are near complete. I will probably update the PDF in the near future.


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Just one sad little man boy... :p

Hi :)

The links works fine on my end. You could maybe google it with the search words: "" and "daddarulekonge"

Take care. Daniel :)

Thanks :)


I hope you find a lot of hidden gems.

Sure. I will make it free over the weekend :)

try if it works now

Hi. I just tried it and it downloads fine on my end. If you point me  to a upload site, then I can upload it for you :)

I am not sure what you mean. This PDF will always be free, so you don't have to worry that it would be a paid download at some time :)

Haha. That's a bad typo. I will fix it after at some time. Thanks :)

Hi. Thanks for taking time to write such a long post to me. I liked reading through it :) I will try to answer most of your questions. I know the PDFs included errors, since I am using information found online, which often contradict from source to source. I know that taking donations (with two paid projects) is a grey area with my PDFs  since they include sources taken from other areas online. But I hope I have made them somewhat in the area of fair use. If some of the sources I have used have issues with some of my PDFs, then I would remove their content without hesitation. I have taken a break from making these PDFs. If I start making more of these then I do not know what the subject will be.

I respect your privacy about giving away information. I will make the two paid PDFs (PS2 and Arcade vol.2) free for some days for you to download :) I do not need any monetary compensation. I'm just happy you find the PDFs useful :)


Thanks. :)

Hey :) I have not started another project. I had to take a break since I got too absorbed in them making them take all my time from other things. I will probably get drawn into another PDF project at some time, but I do not know what console I would start on.

From Daniel :)

Be safe :)

To Memosoma:

I`ll send you a free key :)

sure. ps2 is free for a while

Hi. I am not sure if I will make a PSP pdf. I am taking a break at the moment.

I am very happy you find these projects informative and/or fun to read. I hope you get good use of them for finding "new" games to play :D Have a great year :)

Happy xmas to you too :D