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Hey man, can you please correct the name of this one in

Both of the Volumes appear as Vol 1.

I was going to order them, but was affraid they might mess it up and send me the same book twice :D

So I will order Atari 7800 and Vectrex instead today.

Yes I know I messed up :/ I found out my mistake after I bought the two books myself. It looks like Lulu won't let me change it without making me buy another proof copy. It's only on the Lulu page the title is wrong though. I think it's unlikely Lulu will mess up a order since they only print a book if someone orders it. 

How many of these have you bought? You probably have a bigger library of my books than me soon :p

I want to add that the text on the spine on vol.2 is too large and bleeds over to the front and back cover a little bit. I'm okay with it but it does look a little ugly in the bookshelf.

That's not an issue at all for me, it's the content that counts for me as there is no alternative as reference guide. 
The thing is I am ordering these through a local vendor because they let me use some discount codes from work, so I end up getting it for less. So hopefully nothing messes up in between, but I doubt it will if I ensure they get the ISBN/Link of each. 

So far I purchased the Neo Geo, Jaguar, SMS, PS1 vol 2, PS1 vol 3 and now ordering 7800 and Vectrex.
Planning to eventually get Saturn, PS2, Game & Watch, Commodore, 2600 and the Portable ones,
For the rest, I already have some other reference guides.

I must say that since I recently started collecting for the Famicom, I would have loved to have a reference guide for the JAP games. Especially with a pic of each cartridge as I am really lost whether I already have something by just looking at the japanese titles on the internet :D
Will email you in the next few days to get the template in case I end up with some spare time and try something like that myself. I can use the research.

I don't make anything if someone buys it from other vendors than lulu, such as Amazon. It is because I set the price on "global market" (which is a feature where lulu sells the book on other places than lulu) as low as possible (1cent) because of the high price of the books. I'm happy either way if someone buys from lulu or other places :) So when it's possible, then go for the cheapest option ;)

I have thought a lot on doing a Famicom PDF since it would probably be a very fun project. But I don't have any plans on starting one.

I got your mail and will try to find the different templates I've used. They are not very pretty though, but you could maybe use them as a starting point and expand on them if you ever start your own project :D

Hey man, I hope you are well. I was just trying to set an order through for the Sega Saturn books and saw that none of your books are there anymore. Any idea what happened? Any chance you can put them back up? I would really like to print them somewhere, but so far I am happy with the end products via lulu

Hi. Yeah, sorry. Lulu purged my account.  They didn't want to give me a good explanation, just a standard copyright strike text. It was apparently because of the N64 PDF I tried to upload.  Annoyed that I can't buy from Lulu anymore since I haven't bought many of the books myself yet :p

I tried using ingramspark, but it looks like I have to buy my own isbn to get a PDF published. Maybe I find something similar to lulu some time later. I don't know :/

Take care :)