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Sure, just download .apk file from downloads section.

Keep your expectations low, though, it was just a quick test and requires pretty powerful device to run.

Sorry for late reply, but thanks.

Yes, i have plans for sequel, but it will probably take a very long time to have something playable, since i want to up my modelling and animation skills first.

It is "Theme of Infinite" from Sonic Forces

Sorry for late reply, but there are nothing scary, ending text is the only thing that changes after each completion.

Glad that someone noticed it. 

Life system is just a joke. In ~1 hour before release, i realized that i completely forgot to create any UI or game over screen, so i quickly implemented fake life counter, which can go below zero, so there is no point in lives.

Don't worry, i will not change them, even for bugfixes. As for level, no, this game is completed, and every new idea i'll try to implement in sequel.

Sorry, but i'm pretty much done with this game. However, if i'll make a sequel, it will have more levels, more characters, and more content overall.

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Im actually thinking about proper full-length sanic game with similar goofy setting. But my sculpting skill kinda upped from "hilariously bad" to "bad" and as a non-artist i cannot draw a line between "I must fix that error" and "This is a model feature, leave it as is", so each time i end up with something like this:

Models in this game, however, was my first genuine attempt at sculpting and rigging, so they look so bad unintentionally (kinda).

So i think, i should reconsider how i sculpt them, before making a sequel.

Glad that you liked it. Thanks for the video, it was really fun.

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What is the number of what?

Well, it did win 50$ on RAGE 2018 game jam, but they never contacted me about it.

So, 0$, this is non profit game, and i never intended to gain any profit from it.

Sure, i've compiled MacOs version too. Unfortunately, i have no device to test it, so please, tell me, if its working properly.

Sure, its literally two clicks in Unity. I've uploaded it to downloads section.

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Well, i don't plan to add new levels to this game, but who knows, maybe i'll do a proper sequel someday.

Anyway, i've pushed an update with bugfixes and improvements, which also adds bunch of new stuff. So at least, you have a reason to replay again.