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Thank you so much for the feedback! 🤝

Awesome game, unfortunately the keyboard controls are a bit wonky. The artstyle is amazing though

its Rock paper scissors but the roles are reversed so instead of paper beating rock its the other way around

I honestly dont like the idea of the system (!!camera, game idea is cool!!). Also it's not well implemented

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You need to learn making proper UI. It doesn't scale with the screen at all.  Idea is really nice though!

I like the idea! Mabey some more polishing, but I totally understand that that's like really hard in 2 days. nice!

Does it fit the theme? ehhh not really? Like its okay but eeehhh. 

I see that you wanted to make an abandoned city no matter what the game is and I appreciate it (I would honestly do the same).

Nice stuff! 

I like how the dev Lorelei has the role "Project Mommy" in the credits

I love the player "AI"! Really cool idea, unfortunately the controls aren't really fun. Great Idea though! 

You need to submit the .pak file or we wont be able to play your game. ZIP the entire thing afterwards

Controls are really fun! I mean it doesnt like reaallyyy fit the theme in my opinion but that's totally fine. 

Im on Edge rn

So if you spam click you break the game unfortunately. Really unique idea! Nice

I love this, just some small things:
You can move the fish out of the screen
I am very bad at this game

Love the fish

& Make the mouth closing lerp smoothly so that when I scroll the mouth doesn't snap

cool idea!

This is so well polished. The nice little pixelart detail animations when moving the blocks at the ceilling, everything just works. So amazing if people can do that! (I cant do it myself unfortunately) 

This approach to the controls is soo unique. I love it! I love the game even though I am wayy to bad at it

I don't really get the concept? Mabey Im just too stupid to figure it out? Probably? 

noice xd Please make sure you name the files properly next time. I download like 10 games at the same time, finding the right one is pretty hard if its just named gmtk

Love the Idea, really hate the camera. If you fixed that it would be sooo much more fun. Real nice though!

I love the art! Expected this to be downloaded but seems like you made that yourself. Really cool!

Nice idea. The jump sound killed my ears though this is wayy to loud 

This is soo awesome! I looove the details like the entire UI + Loading screen makes this amazing. When entering playmode, the entire ui gets darker, its just sooo well done! Fits the theme so well as well. Honestly if this doesn't win I am disappointed

Cool Idea. Unfortunately the game lagged like real bad for me (& Its not my hardware, its really high end) 

This has to be the most cursed game I have ever played during a gamejam (& I probably got like 15 viruses by downloading this)

10/10 would recommend 

Cool choice of music, fun controls. Don't really think the idea fits the theme. Hate the start cooldown though. Fun game!

I looove this idea! Although it took me some time to get cause I didn't read the popup

I must say I really like the attention to detail you have there. The footsteps, The other thing (No idea what its called but it moves with the player) and the delayed ui are pretty cool

You need to make sure you send all the files that come with the build, not just the exe. ZIP it and try again

I love this idea!

hey, tysm for the feedback! We know about the missing menus, we just didn't have enough time to implement them.

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pog (ttoally not commenting to boost the project views)

Thank you!

Hi! This is awesome! Will there be a 5.1 version? I tried to compile this myself, but I always get a "Module not found" error. 

Nice. Suggestions:

Make the ui look better. Please. Add a font, change spacing. This looks terrible.

What are these hotkeys? Why would you make 4 respawn? Please? In speedrunner games like Ghostrunner its r, I really like that. Also same is for the escape menu, you can open it with escape, however the hotkey is f10. I dont know who though of this.

Everything else feels nice. Kinda think the slowdown is too long when killing enemies though

love this

I like how you made jump height controllable!

Well made, i like the double jump. Nice idea!

this is a virus, do not download

Destroying clouds doesnt work for me, i have no idea what i am making wrong

Ngl this is addicting. Well done!