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Hi Jupiter. Thanks so much for reviewing my game on your video!
If you're interested, please check out the Windows build of the game here:

This was my first attempt at building for Web GL from Unity. So I learned a bit but it also created some unforeseen problems!

Thanks again.

Thanks for your feedback! I've added an image which shows a spoiler of the locations of critical objects, in case you couldn't find them. In order to vanquish the corrupted ooze you must first have the righteous orb in your possession.

Nice game! Those extremists are relentless, I can only make it through a few waves. Also, I can't seem to upgrade "towers".

My third game project, The Crown of Alagen, made in Unity. The player character can evolve through 3 different stages as he collects experience pick ups. Characters were designed in 3DS Max.

You'll start out as a scrawny goblin tasked with the fool's errand of singlehandedly recovering the highly coveted elf artifact, The Crown of Alagen. Bash your way through the world to gain experience and watch your character grow stronger! Can you survive long enough to retrieve the Crown and overthrow the corrupt Warboss?