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Congratz. :) 

I officially grant you the "Better than the developers"- award.

Look great, but there's not enough to do.

Also, there are spaces that the enemies will not follow you into...

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Simple and well done.

You should allow the player to skip the "cutscene" if they want.

Thanks! :)

Alkoholi + CTR on aina hyvä idea. :P

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Yeah, there are 2 pretty bad bugs currently.

The car can spin out, which of course is a good thing. A skilled player can most of the time feel it coming and fight against it, but it does seem to sometimes happen for no good reason.

Also, sometimes, though thankfully VERY rarely, the game just decides it's time you stopped playing and gives you a game over even though you're going fast enough. lol

Simple, but extremely well executed. Definitely one of the better games of the jam.

The functionality is there and the concept is sound, it just really needed harder puzzles. I didn't once need to stop to think and rushed through the game in like 2 minutes.

Good job regardless. :)

That positional audio thing with the guns is interesting.

This game could use some separate volume sliders. I felt like the SFX was too loud as compared to the music. Speaking of music, that doesn't seem to loop. It just ended.

Difficulty curve is too slow.

Overall it's functional and fairly alright, which is pretty good for a gamejam game. :)

The art and aesthetics in general are great.

This game really just needs more cards, more choices.

The amount of movement cards really takes space from damage cards.

I would maybe consider separating basic movement (left/right) entirely from the cards. It could eat up AP like it does now, but separating it would allow for more space for other cards. Another option would of course be to allow the player to hold more cards in general and increase the rate of cards gained or maybe make special cards that gain you more cards. etc. etc.

Basically what I'm saying is that whatever you decide to do, this could with some more time become a really great game.

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Did you make that grass? It looked great.

You should have added some planets or anything really. As it is, it's really hard to figure out where you are in relation to the game world and finding each other can be difficult.

You can move with A and D, but can only open doors with the actual up arrow, not W.

I'm not sure if it's supposed to end with you dying back in the first room, but I couldn't figure out what else to do.

Yeah I fell into the render hell as well.

In the second room I went up the stairs and didn't get teleported.

Took me a while to get out of the cell at the beginning.

Jumping on those falling platforms is kinda hard. The time window is very narrow.

Also, whatever trigger kills the player when dropping in a hole seems to only work once. So if you drop in the same hole a second time you get stuck and need to restart the game.

Anyways, vitun hyvä peli 6/5

I challenge you to beat my personal best of 38000 :P

The spacebar mechanic is intentionally simple. We were going for a sort of arcade-y feel for the controls. Though I would agree that at the very least deciding the direction of the first jump really should be up to the player and it's currently not. That mechanic takes inspiration quite heavily from Crash Team Racing where you would almost constantly be drifting as that helps you gain speed. Well in this game you can do nothing, BUT drfit and that's the point.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback. :)

Just use the gas sparingly and fight against the drift by turning. 

It takes a little getting used to. 

I can usually go for quite a while before dropping. Though I guess I have an advantage having made the damn thing lol. 

Thanks for the feedback. If we update the game we'll look into making it easier to control. ;) 

Are you supposed to be able to catch the fish? 

I mean I got the fish to bite and all, but reeling the fish in seems to do nothing. It just flies out.

Cute little game though. :)