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Thanks for mentioning that, I played it again and the way to the bullet hell game was open this time.

I just kept shaking random hands and eventually got the door unlock sound and the credits, no idea if there's a correct way to puzzle through it.

It's not computer time, there's a way to set the in-game clock time on another screen.

7zip doesn't seem to recognize it, but PeaZip worked for me.

Love this game and I got 4/6 endings (a cowardly ending, a revenge ending, a cyclical ending, and an earned ending).  No idea what to do for the other two, although I have some unused items that seem important.

Thanks Minty! I hadn't noticed that the first clue was a clue.  After seeing that part I was able to breeze through the rest of it.  When I played the first time I spent too much time trying to figure out what to do with what ended up being the last clue.

No, it's not supposed to look like that.  I just played through the game and there wasn't any total darkness anywhere.

Thanks, it's working now!

Thanks!  I mean the passage using the east orb, when I go that way and try to go back it won't take me back to the little grove with the three passages opened by the north/south/east orbs.  So I'm stuck in the eastern area because I can't afford a galleon yet and I can't go back.

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Why is the passage east one-way instead of two-way?  The other passages were two-way, it's taking a long time to farm 1000 coins from just goblins, and it'd take even longer for my armored/shielded/leveled/dextrous character to die and resurrect.

I played for way too long with wingdings, thinking it was part of the game experience, before I noticed you're supposed to install the fonts.

Is this a bug? Seems like the elephant head shouldn't move when the lower horizontal pusher can't push left.

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This happens for me too, on for Windows 8, 10, 11 (64bit).  It seems to happen when trying to start a new game in Ambermoon Advanced 0.0.1, when the previous game was also in Ambermoon Advanced 0.0.1.  Starting a new game in Ambermoon Original 1.12 still works, or deleting the ambermoon.cfg file also allows a new game to be started in Ambermoon Advanced 0.0.1.

When the previous game was in Ambermoon Original 1.12, I can start a new game in Ambermoon Advanced 0.0.1.  I compared the ambermoon.cfg files depending on which version was previously played, and it looks like the only difference is "GameVersionIndex": 3 for 0.0.1 vs. "GameVersionIndex": 1 for 1.12, everything else is identical.

I'm getting a few annoying bugs:

-The player's essence and power are no longer visible after using an item in combat

-The game locks up if you decide not to visit a location in the confirmation prompt on the world map

-If you return to a location after beating it, there doesn't appear to be any way to return to the world map

Unfortunately they're not included with the bundle, there's a note about it under the purchase button.

I've managed to get a character going long-term with a few workarounds to handle the risk of save/load bugs.  First, I try to make a save each time my character levels up and make a backup copy of that save (from %AppData%\LocalLow\Ravensong Games\Axu\Save).  That way if there's a bug, I only lose a little progress instead of the entire character. But before I save, I also go wander around an empty spot in the wilderness for a while so the save file doesn't get bloated to a huge size with all sorts of unimportant assets.  I once had a save file that somehow ended up being 1.7GB when I saved at the Ensis base, too big for the game to even load again. But when I instead wander around the wilderness before saving it usually ends up somewhere in the range of 500KB-10MB, and the smaller files seem to be much less likely to end up bugged.

Now I've tried again after clearing out the appdata and starting with a fresh unzip of the game, then saving each time I level.  Everything was fine through level 5, then at level 6 saving appeared to work, but I got a NullReferenceException when I tried to load the save:


    Version:  Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]

    Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (ID=0x1b81)


    VRAM:     8088 MB


Begin MonoManager ReloadAssembly

- Completed reload, in  0.095 seconds

D3D11 device created for Microsoft Media Foundation video decoding.

<RI> Initializing input.

<RI> Input initialized.

<RI> Initialized touch support.

UnloadTime: 0.868600 ms

Unloading 6 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0)

UnloadTime: 2.122000 ms

System memory in use before: 262.2 MB.

System memory in use after: 262.7 MB.

Unloading 678 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 6970.

Total: 23.126900 ms (FindLiveObjects: 0.412900 ms CreateObjectMapping: 0.179500 ms MarkObjects: 22.267700 ms  DeleteObjects: 0.266100 ms)

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

  at TileMap_Data.WalkableTile (System.Int32 x, System.Int32 y) [0x00011] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Map\TileMap_Data.cs:656
  at TileMap_Data.SetUpTileData () [0x0002d] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Map\TileMap_Data.cs:522
  at TileMap_Data.FinalPass () [0x0005e] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Map\TileMap_Data.cs:238
  at TileMap_Data..ctor (System.Int32 x, System.Int32 y, System.Int32 elev, Vault _vault, System.Boolean _visited) [0x0007f] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Map\TileMap_Data.cs:56
  at Vault.CreateLevel (System.Int32 level, System.Boolean visited) [0x00001] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Map\Vault.cs:41
  at Vault.GetLevel (System.Int32 level, System.Boolean visited) [0x0005c] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Map\Vault.cs:33
  at TileMap.Rebuild (System.Int32 mx, System.Int32 my, System.Int32 elevation, System.Boolean lightCheck) [0x00042] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Map\TileMap.cs:334
  at TileMap.RebuildTexture (System.Int32 mx, System.Int32 my, System.Int32 elevation, System.Boolean lightCheck) [0x00017] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Map\TileMap.cs:314
  at TileMap.HardRebuild () [0x00001] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Map\TileMap.cs:295
  at TileMap.Init () [0x00101] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Map\TileMap.cs:98
  at ObjectManager.CreateLocalMap () [0x0004a] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Utilities\Managers\ObjectManager.cs:115
  at ObjectManager+<Initialize>d__21.MoveNext () [0x000c6] in C:\Users\mritc\Documents\Axu\Assets\Scripts\Utilities\Managers\ObjectManager.cs:82
  at UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) [0x00026] in <d9a322ed61d14dd89945ee0a494ae01f>:0

(Filename: <d9a322ed61d14dd89945ee0a494ae01f> Line: 0)

I'm having the same issue, I love the game but the inability to save makes it nearly unplayable.  For mine it gave the system memory in use as 255MB both before and after unloading, so it's possible that there might be an issue with a fixed memory limit (I have plenty more system memory available, but it looks like the game might just not be using it).  The first time it happened I had encountered a few bugs when playing, like when I got a NullReferenceException after giving two of the same limb type to the questgiver asking for four replacement limbs, so I thought maybe the save error could be a result of that.  But in my second playthrough I got the same save error again, and I don't remember encountering any bugs that time.  So far I've only been able to save in the very early game without any problems.

Is there a way to save? I want to conquer every route on every peak but I don't have time for that in a single session.