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can you make it so that if you leave a merchant, healer, or mystery event without buying anything it dosen't disappear

rip to this great run

f in the chat for this amazing run

why does the game never have any healers when i need them

i like the game but i think automatically having little chad in a slot and 4 other slots for babies would make more sense (also probably a shop item that lets you have a holy mantle-like protection for the door so you have an extra try if an enemy gets through) (also another shop item idea is one that decreases the placement cooldown by like 10%-15%)

this game might be fun but some of it's levels are completely unfair (like centrifuge) because it's just pure luck you happen to get up on the platform

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this game is fun but man it hurts getting good items and upgrades and one unfortunate crit shot ends it all (btw how does the shop refreshing work)

wait really

can you add an undo button because i have to restart the game every time i make a mistake

how do i get the wiebe ending? i gave him all his stuff but what do i need to do now

What are the hex codes for the cog_dwarf pallete?

i have the 64 bit windows one btw

hey look buddy, i'm an engineer and that means i solve problems,

can i get the sprites for the farm buttons

what was used to make this

ive used it before but ive forgot the name and have been searching for it to no avail


gets boring after a while though


What did you update?

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Can't wait if you do! I can make some art and ideas!

Cool game! Pretty hard tho. You should make a V2 with more content!

Slice Wise community · Created a new topic cool game

cool game

this game is very fun!


i really like those sound effects when the cubes fall into the hole

how do you get past the second level


cool game

this game was very interesting

and the sounds from the cylinder were very eerie and entrancing, they echoed

very cool thing

would be cool if it had a thing where you could make patterns out of the shapes and sounds

also some of the sounds are a bit not relaxing but 10/10