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Loved the game!!! Felt amazing to play. The game feel effects are very well executed.

One thing - I did not realized that I can look down (did not unlock it explicitly or I missed it?). Therefore, in the part in the beginning when you need to look down to see the elevator It was hard to figure out what to do at first.

Did not realize how much challenge you can have by only walking to the left! :)

(PS: the elevator was super long and I encountered a bug there that from the left of the screen I got slingshot-ed behind the right wall :P)

Thanks sheeproid - Ah that bug is a known issue, I thought I had fixed it before submitting to the Jam but is managed to find its way back in. Yeah sadly the up and down camera view is never explicitly told to the player, however it is unlocked from the start - I need to think of a natural method of giving it to player - or maybe just another upgrade at the platforming segment would fix that