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the game doesn't save and going into the options crashes the game (on mac) 


Sorry to hear you are having that problem! Could you describe it a bit more? Do these problems happen every time, or is there something specific that triggers it?

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when going into the options it looks fine then when you leave error message, I'll attach an image, it happens every were in game, on the title screen. Saving does nothing no error message just button noise it doesn't save, i got up to the robot part tried to save nothing  then i accidentally closed the game and had to restart

error message for options \/ also this is a really cool game for what i've played even though i've seen the start 6 times by now


Thanks for the information. This is actually a known issue that sometimes occurs on Mac. Some Macs have over-sensitive file protection which prevents games from creating files unless they're installed a certain way. I believe some people have managed to get around it by running the game from an external hard drive. 

Thank you for letting us know, and we will do our best to look for a solution on our end!