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Hi! We have made sure this bug will be fixed in the next update, which should be released in a couple of weeks. In the meantime you can fix it by opening the file Didnapper 2/www/js/scipts/System/LoadScript.js in any text editor (for example Notepad) and putting this line of code there: 

$gameSelfSwitches.setValue([4, 17, 'A'], false)

Then save your change to the LoadScript.js file and start the game. The picture being black should now be fixed.
Please let us know if this fixes your issue :)

Hi! Of the demo version of the game crashes for you, then the full version will too. However, crashes are rare and can usually be fixed. Is there an error message when it crashes? If there is, we can likely tell you how to make it not crash. Whether you play on Windows or Mac is also important, as Mac can sometimes have file permission issues when the game is not installed using the Itch app. 

Yes, installing it from the Itch app fixes all file permission crashes in the Mac version of the game. There are other ways to fix it too, but the app install method is the most consistent fix. If you have further problems, please let us know! We also have an active Discord community where other players would also be happy to help you :) 

Try installing the game with the Itch app:

Once you have done that you can move your save files from the demo into the full game if you don't want to start over from the beginning 

Yes, we are adding several new sidequests in the next updates, some short ones and some long ones

Glad to hear it! :) 

Here is how to make sure you fix the game completely, if I understand your problem correctly:
1) Right-click on Didnapper 2 in your Itch app's library and select Manage.
2) A window will open with the different version you have or can install. Select Manage again for the version that has all your save files (probably the demo version), and then select "Open folder in explorer".
3) In the Explorer window that opens up, go to the /Didnapper 2/www/save/ folder. This is where your save files are. 
4) Copy all the files in the save folder to somewhere else on your computer (this is your backup).
5) If you are not sure if you copied the save files from the right version of the game, do step 2, 3 and 4 again for the other version of the game you have installed, just to be safe.
6) When you are sure that you have backed up all your save files in a safe place, uninstall all versions of Didnapper 2, whether they are demo or not.
7) Install the latest version of the full game. 
8) Do step 1, 2 and 3 again to find the save folder of the now fixed Didnapper 2. Copy the old save files you backed up in step 4 or 5 into this save folder.
9) Launch the game. It should be back to normal now.

Please let me know if this solved the problem for you. Also consider joining our public Discord server if you wish to get a quicker response, as both developers and other Didnapper 2 players are online and ready to help in the chatrooms there :)

It sounds like you may have accidentally updated to the demo version of the game. Try backing up your save folder by copying it somewhere else, then uninstall and install the correct game version and copy your save folder back in. That should fix the problem 

Hi! Yes, sadly uninstalling the game with the Itch app also deletes the save folder. Unlike things like Steam, Itch doesn't have cloud synch or similar features in its launcher. I can write up a post on how to unlock chapters in the story crystal from the start of the game so you can skip to the part of the story you were at, if you are interested. 

We still have many things we want to add to the game before we release the next public update, but we will hopefully release it later this summer.

We still have many things we want to add to the game before we release the next public update, but we will hopefully release it later this summer.

Try using the link in the too post of our Patreon, if what you tried before was the preview links in the email. You can also find the latest links on our Discord server

Try installing the game with the Itch app:

It should work on Itch from what I know, yes

No, we decided early on to avoid the extra time sink an additional android version of a game as big as this would be. Even for a game as small as Bonds it took a considerable amount of time to make it run properly on Android, so we don't have any plans to port this game. 

First off, please do not share footage from the closed beta in public spaces such as this, as it is meant for patrons to view only until we share it in an official public post, or distribute an official public update. Therefore, please delete your message once you've read this. 

You can join our Discord server if you have questions or reports regarding the closed beta: If you connect you Patreon account with your Discord account in the Patreon account settings, you will get access to the patron-only chatrooms there. 

As for the question, guards can drop items too if you assault them (might require your legs to be free so you can kick him). 

There is likely an issue with file writing permissions. Installing the game with the Itch app instead should fix that

No, we don't intend to make official translations of the game. There may be some mods available in the future that translate the game, though, but those would be fan translations

That is a feature we will be adding in a future update :)

Then yes, that sounds like a bug. We'll make sure to look into it for the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Have you made sure to remove the old function of Q and W as well? By default they do the same as PageUp and PageDown (or L1 and R1 on a controller). You can find them under the functions "Previous Page" and "Next Page" in the keybinding menu. If you did not change them, then the weird behavior is because your Q and W now have two functions at the same time.

That is indeed strange. But try installing the game through the Itch app. If it's a permission-related error, then installing the game that way should fix it.

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Hi! Is there an error message that goes with the black screen? If so, it might be a permission issue caused by security measures in your Mac. In that case, just moving the file to a different location on your machine after extracting it from the .zip file should fix the issue. Alternatively installing the game through the Itch app instead of downloading it manually should also solve it.
Please let us know if this was helpful at all in case others encounter the same issue, and apologies for the inconvenience!

That depends on what you want :P 
If you just want to see the new things mentioned in the list of changes for the update, you can use the story crystal to jump directly to those parts of the game without restarting from scratch.

We just pushed the last closed beta version of v1.0.4 to testers, so you can expect the update to go live in a couple of days, unless they find any big issues in it

Hi! The v1.0.4 update is almost done and will likely have its last closed beta update today, so you can expect it to go public some time next week, unless new issues arrise. For more info you can see our most recent post on the topic here: 

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If you own the game, you don't need to buy it again to get the latest version. 

If you got a key that you claimed, make sure you are logged into the account that you claimed it with. If you are, there should be a download option on the store page, at the top or the bottom, in addition to the option to buy it. Alternatively you can look in your account's game library to find the download link there, alongside that of other games you may own here on Itch. 

The maid outfit will come in the next update, which shouldn't be far off now

If you are playing on Windows, open the /www/save/ folder of the old game version and copy all the files inside it. Then go to the /www/save/ folder in the new game version and paste the files in there. The new version should then have all your saves, settings and gallery unlocks.

If you are playing on Mac you can find a similar save folder if you look inside the file (without running the game).

If you are logged into the account you bought the game with, there should be a download option on the top or the bottom of the store page. Alternatively you can look in your library to find the download option there. 

Once you've downloaded the new version, copy all the files from your old save folder to the new version of the game. 

The game automatically uses the best one you have :)

That was a bug that was fixed in v1.0.2. Our apologies!
I recommend updating the game and using the story crystal to play that scene again.

Don't worry, we don't intend to "fix" that any time soon :) In fact it's something we noticed as well when we were implementing the feature of tied enemies being included in battles, and figured it would just make a process that can be tedious in other games more fun, as you said 🙂

Also glad to hear that the repeatable escapes are being utilized 😁

This issue should now be fixed in the v1. 0.2 update. In the meantime it is also possible to get around this freeze by skippimh through that part of the scene a bit faster. Regardless, you should download the updated version and move your save folder to it, as it also fixes some other issues. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Thanks for the heads up :) 
Is it any better now?

Hi! We will try to deploy a version for Linux, but some action may have to be taken on the player's side to make it work on their system. At least that is what our testers who own a Linux computer tell us about the Linux build.

Yes, the paid version has the full story of the game and the "Session" feature is expanded.

Sorry about the late reply! Of course you can 🙂

The game is also available on Steam, which allows for things like gift cards, if that makes it easier for you

In the public demo you can find here, those maps don't exist. They only exist in the closed beta version of the game. You are also not supposed to be able to access the chapter select menu in the public demo here unless you use a save from the closed beta.