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Could you tell me a little more about how this happened? Does it happen all the time or only sometimes? Did anything else unusual happen?


Thanks for the information. This is actually a known issue that sometimes occurs on Mac. Some Macs have over-sensitive file protection which prevents games from creating files unless they're installed a certain way. I believe some people have managed to get around it by running the game from an external hard drive. 

Thank you for letting us know, and we will do our best to look for a solution on our end!


Sorry to hear you are having that problem! Could you describe it a bit more? Do these problems happen every time, or is there something specific that triggers it?

We're glad you enjoyed the game! Unfortunately, we have no plans to make a sequel to Bonds at this time. Currently,  we are focusing on the Didnapper 2 project. We appreciate your interest though!

That is a nice idea, but we opted not to make the game fully voice acted on purpose for budget reasons. We won't be adding it in either because the game is finished and the team has moved on to other projects now.

We're not planning to hire any more artists for this game because the game is finished and we're not adding anything else to it.

There is no private cell in this game. 

While that would certainly be nice, it would require a lot of work from our artist as each and every clothing and binding item would have to be redrawn for every pose. Bonds was meant to be a pretty small and quick project from the start, which is why we opted for only one pose. All the art in Bonds was done by one artist, so it would have been a lot of work for her and would have delayed the game considerably.

The game is still in development and we don't have a release date yet. However, we are hoping that it will be ready for purchase at either the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

I believe removing bindings will reduce their embarrassment. However, the embarrassment doesn't actually affect much other than whether or not they are blushing. The happiness meter is what you have to watch if you are trying to do commissions, as the girls won't make the expressions you want if their happiness drops too low.

Okay, try this:

Hopefully that works for you!

Okay, I see! Thanks for letting us know. Are you using a Mac or a PC?


Sorry to hear you are having this problem. However, no one else has reported this issue, so I don't think it's on our side. Even if we made a Google Drive download link, it is likely that you would encounter the same problem. Have you had this issue with any other downloads, or does it only happen with our demo?

Hello! I'm not quite sure how to help you. Can you please explain the problem you are having?

Hello! We are happy you enjoyed the demo, and that you are looking forward to the full release of the game. The demo ends before you enter the city of Capulet. What we have released is the full demo version, and we won't be adding any more content on it. However, it is only a small taste of all the neat features we hope to have in the finished product!

That's just something that RPGMaker does on its own, and we can't really help it. Sorry! Glad to hear you were able to solve the problem though.

Hi there!

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem. We haven't had anyone else report such a bug so I'm not sure exactly what's causing it. May I ask what language your system locale is in? It may be interpreting the apostrophe as having a tab after it for some reason.

Hi! I don't know the answer to that yet. We would certainly like to, but our artists have to prioritize getting all the other graphics done, like character design, escape game graphics, and story CGs. It's something I hope we'll get to do, though!

Hello! We're glad you're enjoying our demo! The current plan is to have the escape system be a bit more complicated and in depth for this game. I can't really say for sure what we're introducing, but I hope it lives up to your expectations!

Thank you! We are happy you enjoy it. :)

No, we aren't doing that for this game. 

It says how you can update on the different platforms on the game's main page.

To update on Android you simply download the installation file again and run it from your device. The installation will overwrite/update the game files, but keep your saved progress intact.

We're using RPG Maker MV. We also used that to make Bonds :)

If you play the Windows version, you can do that by pressing the PrtSc (Print Screen) button on your keyboard :)

There isn't a set date, but we aim for December 2019 at earliest and December 2020 at latest.

I'm glad you like it so far :D

Sadly we can't promise any additional outfits right now, since we are instead focusing on having more varied ties and DID scenarios, and having different outfits for Seles would multiply the number of graphics needed for those.

Possibly, although it would make the game run slower on most devices, so it would probably be an optional version.

Maybe at some point, but not upon first release, since we don't want to delay the release more than necessary for English players

Hi, and sorry about the very late reply!
We are a very small development team, and so since we are focusing on Didnapper 2, we don't really have the capacity to also be working on translations for Bonds right now. It could be that we can delegate some time to work on implementing translations once Didnapper 2 is released though :)

It already is on Steam :) 

Steam sadly doesn't sell Android games, or we would have included it in the package there, so right now the options are either to buy the android version as part of the package here, or buy it separately from other sites like Mikandi or DLSite. The prices depend a lot depending on whether it's on sales and such.


If you've bought it here on Itch, then download the full game from here and move your save files over. If you bought it without an Itch account, you'll have to follow the link in an email that was sent to you upon purchase. 

Hey! We did in fact recently put up a notice regarding hiring extra people that we linked to on Patreon, but the programmer slot has already been taken for now. We'll keep you in mind if we could use an additional person for the role, but currently that's not the case.
As for how to get in touch, the easiest place to reach us is through our Discord server, where you can talk to us and/or other people from the DID community directly in a chat format. Otherwise you can send us a message on Patreon or send an email to :)

As of now there are only the payment options that Itch accepts, which are credit card and PayPal. I don't know if they will add other payment methods in the future.

It may depend on your Android device, but generally you would need root access so you could find the game folder on your phone, and then copy your PC save files into it.

The safest thing would be to download it and copy your save files and such over to the new folder so you have the old folder as a backup. Any saves from v1.3.1 should work fine in v1.3, and vice-versa, since the only difference is in how the game data is handled while the game runs.

If you by skipping mean holding down to double the cutscene speed, then that should only make the game skip every 2 frames, which should only affect performance in places where a lot of new data is being handled, and then that also depends on how strong your PC is I think. 

Then I really don't know. You could try to downgrade to v1.3, in case the issue is that your PC doesn't like the nwjs that was added in v1.3.1, but it's unlikely that that s the problem. I haven't heard anyone else report that. I know my PC started freezing temporarily at random after I installed an extra hard drive, but that's the closest I've been to your problem where freeze/lag hasn't been caused by a memory leak, lack of space or just a too weak device.

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Did you play v1.3 or v.1.3.1? The first of those had an issue on PC where it kept increasing memory usage as you play, which usually results in the game running slower as you play, and maybe even crash or freeze eventually. That should however be fixed in v1.3.1. If you still have that issue in v1.3.1, then most likely you are either running too many other programs in the background, or you computer has very little RAM or just too little storage space in general. Ideally you should have at least 800 MB free storage space while playing. 

Adding more poses to Session would require multiplying all character graphics (bodies, clothes, restraints, color variations etc). For example, if we added a hogtie pose to Session, we would have to draw all the graphics again to fit that pose, which basically means doubling the amount of character graphics in Session. There are already more than 580 separate character graphics in Session, and adding one more pose to every character would double that to more than 1160. That is the unfortunate reality of drawn 2D games :/
So while I see the appeal of having more pose options in Session, I'm afraid we're limited when it comes to resources, especially since we have also started working on Didnapper 2. It would sadly be too much work.