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We've started to add support for DLC in the form of "Sub products," which are purchasable products within a certain project page. We're currently testing it out with

If you're interested in using something like this please reply to me here. I don't know when general availability will be, but I'd like to have more specific developers to have test cases with.


Sweet! I'm still interested!

Does this work include the API changes necessary to validate a purchase? IIRC, the problem was that Itch Launcher manifests can only get profile:me permissions (but profile:games is needed) and the launcher can only have one permission, but a game would need the profile id from profile:me and the games list from profile:games.


I would be interested in learning more about the "Sub products" and in-app purchases enabled in Bot Land.

I am new to the platform, but I would like to publish my game here on soon.