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Ps4 and Android please :)

It would be great to be able to build a ship and go to a desert island and find new materials, for example and also that the shark attacks without being counted, and if we die do not lose all progress and also include weather climates like rain, snow, storms, or Let it be night day and be able to build a bed


I think that they should keep the loose everything when you die thing, it makes it punishing for failing and rewarding for surviving!


Not a good idea imagine playing minecraft for a couple of months and than dying and than getting bannd from your own world. "witch you did not make a back up for" so my opinion for now Yes later No but thats just my opinion.

It's a concept that works really well for Don't Starve (and its multiplayer counterpart) though. And I'd identify this game as closer to Don't Starve than Minecraft. If the perma-death really bothers a lot of people, the devs might (if they feel like it could add to the game) make it a option, like how Minecraft has the UHC/Permadeath option.


No the aspect of losing everything when you die rules it's called permadeath. We need permadeath in this game, it's what makes it enjoyable!


I don't think android will ever happen, mostly because the graphics and controls would suck, but i think ps4 is definitely a possibility

I think id* rather have game-controller-thingy for pc ,so i can play with Xbox-PlayStation-etc...-controllers on pc ,witch there are app*s that can run in the back-ground of any game so your able to play tham on pc like minecraft,,etc... but it would be nice for an option in the game itself // But i don*t know if thats already in the game or not. I*m gonna try it now. tata>?>?<><3

Android would be too weak to handle Raft, however, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One ports could be possible if the developer wants to see their game on other platforms.

I like the idea of it being added to console eventually.... However, right now I think they should just focus on expanding the game by adding new things etc (like the deserted islands, and day and night cycle like you mentioned), before they work on a console version.