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I played it on and really enjoyed it! I love how strange and interesting it is, and the "water field" effects are fascinating, also the artwork distortions. Even though it was a "walking sim", I really liked the idea of just finding this strange place out in the desert, exploring it, and contemplating its purpose.

I tried being bad and climbing some unintended dunes off the path, but I was stopped by mind-reading devs putting invisible walls in my way. XD hahaha.

Really cool. Looking forward to the other "Elsewheres" in the future, and I leave feeling inspired. The hop in the pool was refreshing.

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Hey thanks! We really appreciate that. That was our first game together, so yeah sorry about the invisible walls. We really want to finish the next installment, so hearing that you liked it is pretty motivating.

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No worries at all. :) If anything it shows you had the foresight to know I (and others) would inevitably try to go wandering off to the end of the world for some reason instead of towards your fascinating structure! :P

I'm glad you're motivated, because I can't wait to see what the next experience is like!