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Well, here's a REVIEW:

This game was COOL. I really enjoyed the narrative style, the creepy glowing crazy-scratch artwork, the vibrating emphasis words, and just the overall premise. I thought it was more of a visual-novel kinda thing, until suddenly combat showed up. The options didn't feel super rigid either, if that makes sense. They had a sort of organic "Well, what do you do?" feel to them, and I really liked that, even though I didn't feel like I had enough information to weigh my options tactically. 

I very much got a kind of "F.E.A.R" vibe mixed with a drop or two of "/r/nosleep", and I loved it. 

Sadly, I didn't get to experience the audio aspect of the game, because I was at work. :P

Without spoiling for anyone else: I found the latter portion got a little esoteric and murky as to what exactly was going on. Although, given the inspirations listed in the description, I suppose that's to be expected, and perhaps it's a little up to player interpretation? I'm also not sure if there are different endings. I felt like I may have screwed up somewhere, but maybe that's just how the plot goes?

Really just a cool piece to show what can be accomplished with a minimalist approach and some great narrative within Unity3D. From a dev perspective having been learning C# within Unity myself, seemingly simple things like the Capcom-style type-out animating text impress me greatly, as they aren't exactly "easy" effects, but they sure do go a long way!

It's not hard to see a lot of heart-work went into this, and it stands out with a personality of its own.

Lastly: Again, the artwork: It's got this..."glowing fingernail scratches on an asylum wall" feel to it. Somehow, you're only just barely able to interpret exactly what these harsh, jagged lines are describing, before they're gone again. This fits the theme of the game so well, as, just like the characters, you're faced with something that you can't quite explain. Something minimal and yet unsettling, that only just barely escape description. . .

Great job, devs. :)

Fellow Itch players: It's worth a few minutes to try it out! What are you waiting for? It's time to


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No worries at all. :) If anything it shows you had the foresight to know I (and others) would inevitably try to go wandering off to the end of the world for some reason instead of towards your fascinating structure! :P

I'm glad you're motivated, because I can't wait to see what the next experience is like!

Haha I thought I would lose if I didn't cover every inch of bone! Makes a lot more sense now. Fun game, really interesting concept. Adorably weird! :)

Had a good laugh, enjoyed the concept. I liked having a relatively decent idea who would go for what item by their appearance, but it still felt a little random. Shame I couldn't sell the arcade machine. :P Felt very much like playing the ever-so-greasy Stan from the Monkey Island™ series!

Great work! :)

I played it on and really enjoyed it! I love how strange and interesting it is, and the "water field" effects are fascinating, also the artwork distortions. Even though it was a "walking sim", I really liked the idea of just finding this strange place out in the desert, exploring it, and contemplating its purpose.

I tried being bad and climbing some unintended dunes off the path, but I was stopped by mind-reading devs putting invisible walls in my way. XD hahaha.

Really cool. Looking forward to the other "Elsewheres" in the future, and I leave feeling inspired. The hop in the pool was refreshing.