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Good to know that you've noticed the sounds in the game :)

I did put some effort into sounds so that the player could feel the tense atmosphere and like be actually in the game.

Cause I don't really like jump scares, how to create a horror atmosphere is what I'm learning and trying to do.

I'm pleasant that though you're not shocked but enjoyed.

And I've also noticed you've made subtitles for your videos, good work!

(I think if your voice could be louder, that would be better)

Thanks for making this!


I'm so glad you liked the video!

You are so right! In horror atmosphere is everything. You did a great job with the rain, from the particle effect, to the drops running down the camera, to the sound, it all tied in perfectly. It really 'felt' like it was raining. And also made it harder for me to recognize movement, helping to obscure any spooks :). For me, the lady near the end was the creepiest part. She reminded me of a dancer in a music box, turning slowly as the music plays. She was a pretty creepy model, and I liked the mechanic of having to hold my breath while she was looking at me.

Great job! All your hard work is deeply appreciated! And please, keep on creating demonic nightmares for us!