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The Demo version of the game works perfectly on my computer so why is the full version latest update Death Strike V 1.2 or any previous version not working ? its not my pc's fault, i have no issues with any other games & i have loads, including even more advanced games, their might be a hard to find fault/error in your game ? im only guessing ?

As said I do not know. There has been many many changes between the demo and v1.2. I think the only way for me to fix it is if I can reproduce it myself. You said the game runs too fast, which doesn't make much sense to me as there are both options to enable vsync (which should sync to your monitor refresh rate at the vary least), and to lock the frame rate to 60 fps, and both are on per default now.

If you press F1 in game you will get a debug overlay that will show information about FPS, UPS (updates per second), RAM usage etc. Perhaps you can try to get it to show. FPS and UPS should be 60 normally.

I will give it a try thank you, seriously I don't mean to be annoying, this is a really good game & I am so determined for it to work properly on my PC that's all :) I will press F1 and let you know how I got on and hopefully positive progress :)

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You are not annoying at all. I really want to get to the bottom of what is going on. By the way, I actually found some nasty bugs with the config and will upload a new version shortly.

ive just bought my self a more powerful laptop and thought i will try your game again & guess what ?, the game works perfectly lol, my previous laptop was not compatible with this game, thought i will let you know the good news at last, now i am going to vaporise some aliens and end bosses :) SHOOT EM UPS 4 LIFE

Glad you got it working!