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Thank you for taking your time to vent and write this all out - the game was made for you, and people in similar situations. Family is tricky, and there usually isn't a happy Hollywood ending where people get past their demons and suddenly are free of them. It's human to be angry, to be confused, and to feel two opposite emotions at once. It's important to remember that. Hope things get better for you, and you find a way to deal with everything with as little sadness or anger as possible. And thank you so much for your kinds words about the game.


Alright, i'm back, no tears this time through, haha.

Thank you so much more for having written a thought out reply, and a beautiful one at that. Your words have more weight than neutron stars within them, i guess.

I told my brother about how i wanna run this family. Talked to my mother. We're ok now. She will help me with my brothers. It will all be ok. My brother says he will lead alongside me, and i trust him. Your game has possibly molded a better family. An indie story game made such an impactful decision. You deserve the world, and i can't help but wish you that your world is the most fulfilled it can be for as long as you are in it. And... "this game was made for you". There's a little spot in my list of people who are smarter than me that i'll leave reserved for you, because even though i don't know you enough to have certainty of that, i can clearly see that you are so much ahead of me, and that inspires me so much.

Everything bless. We'll all be alright.