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Hi Ben!! My name's Palimrya, and I'd be happy to partner with you for the jam if you're interested.

I'm a novice designer (but an avid roleplayer and a seasoned writer of poetry and short fiction), and the only game I've designed is my entry for this year's 200-word RPG Challenge. (Here's my current draft if you'd like to take a look:

It sounds like we might be a great fit for collaboration. I've likewise been really excited about The Heart lately (I'm about to start running a Spire campaign!), and I've been wishing I'd taken part in the Emotional Mecha Jam too. So much built-in emotional scaffolding and symbolism to draw from there. I also happen to love cephalopods — I just gave myself a haircut with two rattails I'm calling "squid tentacles". lmao

I haven't designed enough games to have developed habits or a vocabulary, but some hallmarks of my writing more generally are: vivid and highly sensual or textural diction, weird gross sci-fi aesthetics, earnest emotionality and vulnerability, poem-like concision, and hope in the face of hardship.

I took a brief look at your itch page; I'm really impressed by the elegance of the True Story move in the screenshot, and I fucking love that Slime Time Television exists and want to play it immediately. No pressure, but I'd be excited to collaborate!


I'd love to collab!! can I dm you on twitter?

Yeah this seems like my jam for another project I'm working on, based on the Michael Shea story Demiurge. If you're interested, DM me @udernation.