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I beat all the levels, but I never figured out what the difference between "A" and "B" connections were. I didn't seem like I needed to ever use a "B" connection and when I did, the code just seemed to ignore it and only run "A"

Also, I suspect that the "do nothing" command just causes him to wait a tick, but I don't know for certain because I never found myself in a situation where I needed it.

I really liked this game. More than any other cove-like so far, it felt like each level had an infinite number of solutions. Mainly because you could make your code as efficient or janky as you wanted. So I wonder if anyone else found uses for "B" connections or "Do Nothing" commands.


Thank you very much for the compliment & for playing! :)
- The A and B connections are done sequentially in cases where the A connection doesn't lead further down; so Start -> Move -> End would do the same as Start A-> Move, B-> End; it's effectively just an option for preference (and a way to make the conditional blocks and nonconditional blocks be more similar).
- "Do nothing" is similarly not a necessary thing but way to e.g. stagger actions or organize your code if you so prefer.