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I beat all the levels, but I never figured out what the difference between "A" and "B" connections were. I didn't seem like I needed to ever use a "B" connection and when I did, the code just seemed to ignore it and only run "A"

Also, I suspect that the "do nothing" command just causes him to wait a tick, but I don't know for certain because I never found myself in a situation where I needed it.

I really liked this game. More than any other cove-like so far, it felt like each level had an infinite number of solutions. Mainly because you could make your code as efficient or janky as you wanted. So I wonder if anyone else found uses for "B" connections or "Do Nothing" commands.

I completely agree with you that I love that it feels like a puzzle game and the planning that goes into choosing pieces. That being said, many of the levels do feel a bit static. Maybe instead of an AI, some pieces could just have set movement paths, even if it was just in a circle or back and forth. One of my favorite levels was the giga bishop precisely because I could just maneuver around it. It was COMING FOR ME.

I really hope you do take this game farther. I enjoyed it so much!

This game is very fun. I love the mechanics and puzzle-like nature of the game. And I love the unique design of all the pieces. I hope more comes of this game, I would love to play more levels and explore the mechanics further!

I  think that the game would benefit from more clarity/contrast in the graphics. For examples, walls and pits are somewhat difficult to distinguish. And also, maybe some kind of grid background to make it easier to predict the movement of diagonal pieces across pits.

My only other comment is maybe including some way of indicating which pieces can hop over walls and units and which can't.

Hmmm, this hack'n'slash game seems very similar to some block pusher games I know


The black arrows shows which direction it will multipush

It took me way too long to understand what the direction of the black arrows meant lol

I am loving these; I get excited every time I see a new one is out! How many are you planning on making?

I'm scared