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Fish Net : For the automated collection of fish

Fish Bait : Mash potatoes to make bait for the Fish Net

Replaceable Nets : made out of rope and/or thatch

Changes : Item nets and Fish Nets need to be replaced or repaired with new Replaceable Nets when they get used to much

Changes : every time you kill the shark it gets harder to kill and attacks more or the species of shark changes and each has their own stats and abilitys

These are some ideas I thought of and hope you take a look at what I think should be added. =) please and thanks


if the shark getts stronger every time why would you kill it? just leave it and replace what breaks? also if it getts harder every time it will be come way op very fast just add disasters like storms that damage random parts of your raft and blowe you raft around . when / if they add moving to the rafts