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This game's really beautiful and the music's really nice!!! I love the idea of soulmates not actually being soulmates, and the little dashes of humor within the game are great! That said, I have a few ideas on how to improve the story, and I hope that you don't take offense to these suggestions.

1. I definitely agree with another comment that the endless task assigning gets repetitive... And also, is there a purpose meant for the money that Kira earns by working?

2. I feel like sometimes the romantic plot is really inconsistent; I know that there's ultimately an "endgame" route with Robin but it feels really... rough, if that makes sense. I haven't played his route but I assume that everything would flow better if you just kept hanging out with him. However, if you don't, you get thrown into a weird mix of canon + chosen romance. Maybe work making the routes all canon in different ways (more work) or maybe more of a kinetic novel?


Hey there!

No offense taken! The only thing is that I've addressed this over my social media already, so I'll just re-iterate: made the game in a month during university and it was the first time I ever touched Renpy so I want to stress that it was by no means a complete project by any stretch of the imagination. I legitimately made it for fun and I wasn't really expecting it to be taken as seriously as it was. I strongly avoid kinetic since they're not my cup of tea honestly. However, I do regret the inclusion of Creed and Iris as love interests. The story of Paper Roses is meant to be the love story between Kira and Robin and I felt like I caved into thinking what other people wanted instead of what I wanted to do for a game that was largely made in celebration of my healing. 

With that said, I've talked about remastering Paper Roses as a multiple-ending VN with Robin as the sole romantic interest for Kira.  Just as a side note, Creed and Iris's romance events were written in a few hours whereas Robin's was pre-written for almost half a year which is why there's such a lack of consistency so you're not wrong at all in saying that.

I hope you don't judge me based on the issues of this game! It was just an unpolished little taste of a story I loved dearly that I made in a limited amount of time. I hope to remake it someday now that I'm in school for game design but for now I'm really glad you enjoyed the concept and parts of it! I appreciate your investment in the game enough to provide your feedback. I didn't think anyone really wanted to see this game as polished so perhaps I'll revisit it someday soon!