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Thank you so much for testing it out and the for the detailed report, it really helps!!

Although it does use an FPS control system it will still be sticking to the puzzle/escape the room roots but hopefully provide a more 're-playable' game with puzzles, 2D mini-games, hacking, files to discover, video elements and I'm also hoping to introduce some secret website links that have short videos embedded on my website - to add secret extra background content that would possibly take up too much space if included in the game.

Anyway, Thanks again and watch this space as the BETA will be advancing rapidly over the next few weeks!



Most welcome, I like what I hear and looking forward to it :)


Great, Beta 0.1 went live today, check it out when you get a min...


Cool, I'm really liking the feel of this. The graphics and effects are very nice. The controls are nice and smooth as well. The alien/monster things caught me by surprise lol.