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Hope ya’ll enjoy it!

awww man, gonna need help if I'm going to continue it. I was in the Lobby after some hard work, I went to check my employee card and the game also picked up the Phone - exiting the menu has now quite literally Frozen my game stuck with a game breaking bug where I can't cancel, do anything, move, or go anywhere. I don't want to redo my progress, some kind of hotfix to unstuck me would be greatly appreciated. Going into the menu while near a phone is very problematic in the game.

Perhaps a button that emergency-sends to the manager desk?

Sorry you encountered that, there were some reports on that prior to release but it was hard to replicate the issue.

When you close the game, it should bring you back to where it last saved, but the phones are made to save when used.

Wish i could do more to help, but i’ll be looking for a solution 

If anything, you can send me a copy of your save file and i can plug it into the project to see what happened

ok, after some testing I was able to get unstuck after replicating the issue. The cause is a little complex, but you won't lose your save if you do encounter it.
- Once loading/continuing the file from the title screen, spam 'X'

- If still stuck/frozen, close the game and reopen the game and repeat the last step. (spam X when you load your file)

- This should bring up a menu(it may be blank), which you can cancel out of and move again.

Again, sorry you encountered this issue. I'll see if I can remedy it come a future patch.