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Look forward to your video

nice video!


Look forward to watching ur video!

much horror

so creep

Thanks for the playthrough!

Thats some good feedback, a lot of the issues mentioned are currently addressed within development or being reworked.

Escape chances are always the same, but this and RNG for other skills are being balanced. 

The death/Collector segment is also being reworked and the +$50 thing, given the scenario was an error on my part.

Thanks again!

Ey thanks for your thoughts 

May consider some limited run stuff further along the line

Thanks, I look forward to watching your playthroughs

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Great that you got it working though, I’ll be looking into the issue 

Sorry about that, the tracks used in the game are all original, made by the game's composer with the exception of the 3-5 second sample used in one of the ambience tracks.
Perhaps that may have been the reason, but not entirely sure.

Thanks and definitely noted!

Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to watching your playthrough!

It checks for Competence, so you’d be able to get through certain blockades for free

Thanks! I look forward to watching your playthrough

Thanks for letting me know

So far, I’ve only been able to replicate this problem on the Mac version, so its good to get a similar case on Windows. It helps with the process of elimination to solve this problem

Bit of an oversight on my part, you have to go to the manager’s console and select wrong turns.

There you can select the higher danger level arcade section. Get to the end, fight the boss, get the cheezy bar

Yeah, I may. 
But it'll take some time to make proper documentation

FNaF was a big inspiration, but had to be careful not to pull too much from it.

CRPG would stand for "Computer" or today, "Classic", largely based on text-based adventure games of yore

'Merican Horror Story: Fast Food Nightmare

Thank YOU for your playthrough!
Imma try to do as much as I can with rpgmaker as an engine

Yeah, some balancing is gna come in the full release
Thanks for the feedback!

Gotta hunker down and start watching all these lets plays at once!
Thanks for the video!

Darkest Dungeon was a huge inspiration for the mechanics and gameplay loop

This some good feedback, I'll be looking to it during development.

Thanks for the content!

*magic fingers* rpgmaker mv plugins!

Its easy with basic knowledge of the program to use plugins to make the game look and function differently from the given assets!

I’ll write a dev log or make documentation sometime about that


I used parallax mapping for all areas.

Interactive elements are characters/events.


Used Rpgmaker MV

Whoa thanks for the support!

I'm looking into making a discord, but I'll get to that once I'm further along in development

Thanks for playing and great playthrough!

Just released a patch that addresses that, it’s now much easier to die in the intro.

It’s an interesting concept to have a run where no one dies, may look into implementing it

Watched this earlier, thanks for playing and hope you’ll be able to play the rest of the demo!

Nice! Thanks for playing and sharing your experience here!

Thanks for the playthrough! 


I’ll be looking to tweak the intro for balancing and maybe accommodate that in the future

Thanks for coming out here for feedback! 

Actually watched your video and got a lot of good pointers for improvements

The pineapples on pizza debate may be one of the many elements in the game

Finish the extermination section for the Arcade Wrong Turn

No Delivery is a procedurally generated CRPG, pizzeria simulator where you are the newest in a long line of employees for a local decrepit pizza parlor. Despite the rumors, shady history, and missing persons cases, you sign up for the night shift because it pays slightly more and all the kids’ birthday parties should have ended by then…

Luckily, it’ll just be a boring job in an empty pizzeria… right?

Play the demo now!

Be prepared for...

  • Challenging turn-based RPG combat!
  • Procedurally generated dungeons!
  • High employee turnover rate!
  • Financial management for a haunted restaurant!
  • Business lingo!

Trigger Warning: Flashing + Strobing Lights and effects

Follow frequent development updates!

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