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this means you’ll have a chance to add them as party members during Wrong Turns.

The body tape will come up randomly during the Wrong Turn and depending on who you unlocked, you’ll add the party member.

Hope this helps!

At the Stage, in the hallway you can get to after breaking the wall down. There are stairs leading to the right at the end of the hall with the endoskeleton.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for playing, the security camera in the bathroom is actually inaccessible (an oversight on my part).

Destroying security cameras is just another way to earn extra money/items, and there is no overall reward for destroying all of them.

If playing on Windows, you can drag the game window to the top of the screen to maximize the window. 
It’s not complete full screen, but it should get it as big as it can.

You can also maximize the game window on other platforms as well.

Hope this helps

Hey, thanks so much for playing!

Glad y’all enjoyed this pizza-flavored experience


Yo, I’m still active on Twitter! @horror_n_oates

I’m mostly active on there now. But still dedicating what limited time I have to behind the scenes development on future projects.

sorry you’re experiencing this, the files are only from the latest version of the game, updated last year.  And the FAQ was updated to the best of my knowledge regarding the common issues when running the game.

Don’t know much about mac issues, but using a VM seems to be the best way to play on a mac. 

Hope this helps

Sorry you encountered this, aside from being in  battle, there’s no other way to revive your party members unless with the Revive skill or dying in battle and getting sent back to the Manager’s console.

Sorry there isn’t much to help aside from starting over

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You make check for the following if you are playing on Mac:

  • Be sure to properly extract the zip's contents to a location like desktop
  • run from game.exe, not from the index file

Older mac OS versions have issues with the engine not saving along with runtime issues, but this largely varies depending on the mac OS version.
An alternative to playing on Mac would be installing a virtual machine and running Windows from there.

Check for the following

  • Be sure to properly extract the zip's contents to a location like desktop
  • run from game.exe, not from the index file
  • make sure browser and libraries are up to date

Hope this helps


Sorry, at the moment there are no plans to release on Steam.

However, you may use Paypal as a payment option if it is available to you.

Yes, depending on the computer, certain file locations cannot be written to.
Placing or extracting the game's folder on Desktop or Documents may  be better. (basically any place users may write, edit, and execute from)

hey thanks for playing!

glad you were able to get the key

Thanks for sticking with it!
That issue is really exclusive to the final battle only; it can't really be replicated anywhere else.

You may have saved the game's folder in your documents directory.
Once you find the game's folder, open it and click on the Game file to run it.
Also make sure you have unzipped the game's folder as well.

mac is a little tricky when it comes rpgmaker games. Try running the whole folder instead.

Also be sure that you have downloaded the mac version, and unzipped it.

Seems to be a problem on most older mac OS versions (not saving + runtime issues)

This largely has to do with both development being intended for Windows and having no reliable mac to export on

hey, awesome work with the speedrun!
Each of the stats (Prof, Competence, Fun) don't affect combat in any way. Each stat is used for stat checks in Wrong Turns for different obstacles (unopened giftboxes for example) and yield different results (rewards like food, ammo, etc). Fear Level functions the same, but chiefly with opened giftboxes (i believe above a certain level, you will always fight something)
You're also right with Competence letting you ignore broom dmg too as well as optional areas like the Playground and Freezer.
anyway, hope that all helps and good luck with the speedrunning!

thanks so much!

I’ll keep that in mind!

Yo, thanks for your thoughts and for checking out the interview!

Glad to know the game can broach the matter tastefully

Yeah, the game’s finished 

There is no hidden pizza phone number, sorry

maybe, but probably not as extensive as No Delivery’s walkthrough/guide

the first hallway enemy may take both bottle and can attacks + shove attacks to defeat.
The beginning should only really have enough resources for that battle

it’s set to be “cannot be claimed”, and can only be downloaded.

It’s exactly like what the comment above says, the requirement is 4 bottles and 3 cans. It doesn’t show how many you have in your inventory, just how much it takes for an attack

to pop off an attack, you need the required amount of bottles or crushed cans. You may only have enough for 1 use each using what you found only, but you can get more items by using the healing items outside of combat

the game only has autosave, but like in other comments you can trigger autosave by entering/exiting rooms. It also always autosaves in the first file slot.

During development, the game works fine with both Windows 7 and 10.
Issues like freezing usually happen if there's something else intensive running at the same time. It may also run slower if the game's window isn't selected.
The engine, rpgmaker, also uses graphical libraries common for browser content, so checking if Java/Javascript is up to date may help

The only way this issue was replicated was on older Mac OS versions, unfortunately I’m unable to sufficiently test and fix this for the Mac versions

i believe you can just drag the games window to the top of the screen to fill the screen

There are a lot of branching paths in the game, like you mentioned, the Kid can be added to the party, but can only help with one boss in the area if you have all the required items. The same goes for the skin suit item.
The manager is essentially extra content

really sorry you’re experiencing this, and I have talked to the artist regarding the soundtrack and they were surprised by their distributor’s behavior as well.

As explained in above comments, it remains to be seen that the distributor acts on recent changes in licensing

Sorry to hear about, I’ve talked to the artist and they explained it may be a problem with distribution, and it will take time for any changes to reach all services.

It’ll be itchio-only for now

great to know its breaking the mold!

Good luck in your creative pursuits

thanks for playing
i look forward to watching your playthrough