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Very good. I just came back from a chess game over the board and this is really nice to play. Smooth sliding and good gameplay. One thing, can you make this available on mobile please? 

Soon(TM) probably. I'm seeing a lot of request so I'll definitely do it.

Any other features you think would be cool to add if I make a post-jam mobile version?

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I think i would like it if the pawns worked as real pawns. You know, only farwards and promotion. My guess is that you had the pawns like that but decided it's better if they take to any diagonal direction. My opinion is that they should act like real pawns.

I ported the game as is for now, I'm probably gonna be adding a lot of stuff. You can grab the port here Shhh it's a secret

Your feedback has been quite useful so any feedback on the android port and ideas on what to add are super welcome :)

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Looks like the game works normally on the phone. The only thing is the board is too small. I think you can fix that by making the game show in landscape mode rather than portrait.