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Admin (Edited 2 times)

Hey there, you might want to look into shipping OpenAL-soft's DLL with your game instead of oalinst.exe - it would make it work out of the box for everyone as far as I can tell :)

By the way, it works great in the itch.io app!


Hey Amos! thanks for the tip, I added OpenAL32.dll in the game and it works. I have changed the windows version, you can try it.

While it worked for me like that there was a player that said the music is not working for him on Win 10 64 bit. After he installed OpenAl it worked fine. So I put the installation back.


After he installed OpenAL.. and removed OpenAL.dll from the game folder? The game will pick up the .dll in the game's folder first, and the OpenAL installation second. So if there was OpenAL.dll in the game's folder it would've picked it up first.

Are you sure the player was not using an old version of the game without OpenAL soft?

He just confirmed, there was OpenAl dll in the root folder and there was no music.

It worked for me but not for him. I am on Win 8 and he was on 10. Not sure what the problem could be.

Hey Amos, just to make this clear. After a while I also got the issue with no sound playing but everyone else was OK with it. I realized that I was supplying bad OpenAL dll version with the game. The one I had was around 100KB and the proper one that I recently replaced is around 800KB. I didn't know there are multiple versions of it, now there are no sound issues.


Alright, thanks for the explanation & glad you got it working for everyone!