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Raining Blobs

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Hey pasteko. Fresh Windows version was uploaded couple weeks ago and I see it available for direct download. Can you try like that instead through the app? Maybe something got messed up in the app?

You have latest version for Windows available on Sorry again for waiting this long! Any feedback on the latest version is more than welcome.

Hey pasteko. Sorry it is still not updated. Will try to do it asap. Very busy with my daily job and with the Xbox One release, I jsut passed certification there. Thank you for being patient and for understanding.

I just checked and the Windows version was not deleted, you should have it. Please check and let me know.

I will update all versions very soon.

On what OS are you playing it? I think I accidentally removed it while removing some unused files here. You should have it available tomorrow.

Sorry for that but you will get the latest version now ;)

Hello pasteko,

have you maybe bought the game in the past here? Right now you can only buy it on Steam and on Android and soon it will be available on Xbox One. Demo versions are also available on both platforms.

Currently the demo is available only here, take a better look at the bottom ;) There are Win, Mac and Linux demo versions available for download.

You can download latest version now, enjoy!

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Send me an email with your email account that was used for purchase and I will speed this up for you if you are not using Steam ;)

Ah, OK. If you have already bought it I can probably update it and you still be able to download it. What OS do you use?

Hello! I will release fully playable demo version these days!

Buy option might be enabled in the near future, for now you should buy it on Steam. Buy option was removed on publisher's request.

Yes, I hope it becomes available very soon. Working on huge updates that add more content and polish.

Hey Amos, just to make this clear. After a while I also got the issue with no sound playing but everyone else was OK with it. I realized that I was supplying bad OpenAL dll version with the game. The one I had was around 100KB and the proper one that I recently replaced is around 800KB. I didn't know there are multiple versions of it, now there are no sound issues.

What OS version are you playing? That should be a problem in the MonoGame framework I am using, it should be improved very soon and the problem should be gone. I recently got couple cheap Buffalo SNES USB gamepads and they are working great.

Hello pasteko,

I am sorry to hear that they are not working! Can you first explain how you are trying to use it? To make sure everything is OK for testing, connect the controller before starting the game (it should work if you connect it while in game but just in case) and on first screen where it asks you to press start, press X button on the gamepad (that is start by default) or button A and let me know if you can navigate the menu with it after that. The input on which you press start or A on first screen is the main menu controller.

I will delete it tonight! If you delete it, is it starting through the app?

I am glad that you like it! is obsolete, maybe I forgot to delete it :) You should just run "RainingBlobs" file.

He just confirmed, there was OpenAl dll in the root folder and there was no music.

It worked for me but not for him. I am on Win 8 and he was on 10. Not sure what the problem could be.

While it worked for me like that there was a player that said the music is not working for him on Win 10 64 bit. After he installed OpenAl it worked fine. So I put the installation back.

Hey Amos! thanks for the tip, I added OpenAL32.dll in the game and it works. I have changed the windows version, you can try it.

The game is awesome! Gave it a quick try and I have nothing but great impressions. Gameplay and music are excellent. Local coop is my thing so I am sure this one will be played for a long time. Great job guys!

I have said everywhere that the game is inspired by all those Japanese puzzle games like Puyo Puyo, Super Puzzle Fighter and others but the game is not a Puyo Puyo copy, the gameplay is very different. Since I was a child I was dreaming that one day I could make a cool puzzle game and none of those is available on PC. So here I am, making my dream a reality :)

You have latest version 1.03 for Mac, now 10x smaller ;)

Mac version haven't been updated in a while, enjoy!

Thanks! Yup, it is much bigger than Win and Linux for now because I must use uncompressed music files :)

Btw, the Mac version is old compared to Win and Linux so be prepared to like it even more soon as I release latest Mac version :)

Coming to Steam this month!

Thanks, glad that you like it! Steam release is around the corner ;)