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Hello pasteko,

I am sorry to hear that they are not working! Can you first explain how you are trying to use it? To make sure everything is OK for testing, connect the controller before starting the game (it should work if you connect it while in game but just in case) and on first screen where it asks you to press start, press X button on the gamepad (that is start by default) or button A and let me know if you can navigate the menu with it after that. The input on which you press start or A on first screen is the main menu controller.

The pad is connected before I launch the game, when the game starts I can press the A button on my pad (Number 1 in controller settings), then UP and DOWN are working fine, I can navigate to controller settings, the Start button on the pad is not recognized by the game but A-B-X-Y-L-R-Select are working and can be assigned to a game key. After the key selection I can start the game but LEFT and RIGHT are not working, UP-DOWN-A-B-Start are working. When I connect two pads or more nothing works even in game menu.

What OS version are you playing? That should be a problem in the MonoGame framework I am using, it should be improved very soon and the problem should be gone. I recently got couple cheap Buffalo SNES USB gamepads and they are working great.

My OS is Windows 10 64bit