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A member registered Jan 28, 2016

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What do you mean by direct download?

This is what I get when I click any link from your e-mails.

You don't have access to this page

This download page is owned by another account on itch.io, you do not have access to it. If you think this is a mistake, please get in touch with

Raining Blobs disappeared from my purchases??? How can I download it now???

Please when can I have the last version???

Windows please

Yes I have bought the game here (01.01.2016), but now it's not displaying in my account.


I don't use Steam where can I download the last full version???

My OS is Windows 10 64bit

The pad is connected before I launch the game, when the game starts I can press the A button on my pad (Number 1 in controller settings), then UP and DOWN are working fine, I can navigate to controller settings, the Start button on the pad is not recognized by the game but A-B-X-Y-L-R-Select are working and can be assigned to a game key. After the key selection I can start the game but LEFT and RIGHT are not working, UP-DOWN-A-B-Start are working. When I connect two pads or more nothing works even in game menu.

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Your game is really good, I've bought 4 of these gamepads

to play : http://www.8bitdo.com/zero/

They are working fine in any other game or emulator but impossible to configure in raining blobs, even just connecting one works in the main menu but not in the configuration section.