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Hi everyone !

Today I didn't do all I wanted to do because I released a new version of my main project (if you are interested, check my Twitter account). I did only 2 things on Inspector Waffles, but there are 2 important aspects of the game : interactions between the inventory and the scene, and multiple dialogs.

4th day devlog :

Interaction between the Inventory items and the scene (80%)

You can select item from your inventory and try to interact it with the scene. Item is not highlighted when you select it, also when Waffles is talking.

I didn't test the "combine" action between 2 items because ... I didn't draw an other item :) But it should work !

Multiple dialogs (100%)

When you click a 2nd time on the corpse, new dialogs appear. I had to make a dialog system : according to what you already said and what you have in your inventory, dialogs change.

Next steps :

Tomorrow, new scene ! It will be a 100% pixel drawing day. I will probably draw new items too, and testing the "combine" action.

Thank you a lot for your feedbacks and your kind words :)