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This is a really fun game! There are some serious issues that need addressing, though.

1. Game speed is seriously laggy.

2. Navigating is difficult due to the above-mentioned problem as well as the fact that the mouse controls seem to be on a hair trigger.

3. It's way hard to figure out from looking where a building can and can't go, as well as calculating bonuses. 

Maybe using simpler graphics would help? Employing a shortcut to enable a top-down view would also be handy. Also adding some visual references to show the exact AOE cliffs and hills have.

Hi srose399,

Thanks for taking the time to play Helios and for your feedback. As mentioned in the devlogs, this is a student project and most members of the team now work on other games by now. So unfortunately, we won't get to patch the game in the future. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoyed playing it even though the points you criticized are absolutely on point :)

Have a great day!