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Thanks a lot! Part of the problem is, that level 2 causes too many draw calls, since textures are not properly shared amongst 3d assets. That‘s a big downside of an 8 week development time with developers in the making.

In our second game Helios, we used what‘s called trim sheets to allow for many buildings being displayed simultaneously at little extra performance cost. However, this must be considered before starting development. It‘s a big learning we took from A Scholar‘s Tale. 

Still it’s our fault and we’re happy that you take this into consideration. People can often be very rude when writing reviews, so we appreciate that a lot. All the best to you as well :)

Thanks for the warm feedback :) As this is a student project, all of the original dev team now works in different game studios, so we won‘t release any new updates for A Scholar‘s Tale. Hopefully, the issues won‘t occur again though. Level 2 is quite heavy on performance, indeed.

Anyways, thanks again and have a great day 🙌🏻

Hi srose399,

Thanks for taking the time to play Helios and for your feedback. As mentioned in the devlogs, this is a student project and most members of the team now work on other games by now. So unfortunately, we won't get to patch the game in the future. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoyed playing it even though the points you criticized are absolutely on point :)

Have a great day!

We‘re happy to hear that :)

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Hi kaeroku,

We have adjusted some settings in the game and believe that this will fix your issue. The changes will be included in the next early access build next Monday.

We hope you'll soon be able to play Helios.

Have a great weekend!

I‘m glad I to help :)

Hi Ruvon! I'm sorry to hear the download didn't work properly and I will contact itch support right away to ensure its functionality.

For the meantime, I've uploaded the build to my personal drive, so you don't have to wait:

Enjoy the game and have a great day!

Hey SPCTR! Thanks for your comment and for playing the game. We‘re happy to hear you‘ve enjoyed it :)

We‘re glad you‘ve enjoyed it! Thanks for taking the time 🤙🏻

We hope so as well :)

Thanks mate! All the best to you as well 🙌🏻

Hey BlueFireYT!

I’ve just watched your video and I am glad you like the game. This is actually the full version, as we had to develop all of this from scratch in only eight weeks. Of course, that circumstance forced us to prioritize strictly, so we chose to go all-in on narration. Unfortunately, this also means sacrificing on other aspects such as better performance optimization, free keybinding and similar quality-of-life features. Nonetheless, it‘s good to see people enjoying their short trip into the depths of the book :)

Have a great weekend!

Hi Jar_Red

First of all, thanks for taking the time to play the game and creating a video 🙏🏻

We do plan to create another game together during our last semester and it‘s most likely that we will release it for free as well. So stay tuned and have a great Easter weekend :)

Indeed. But you can always wish for a good YouTube review. In that sense, thanks for taking the time 🤜🏻🤛🏻

Hi WinniDE, thanks for your feedback! We're glad you enjoyed the game and we'd love you to recommend it to other people that like narrative games. After all, it's free and it's great for us to know whether people like what we've produced or not :)

Hey CoalFire!

On behalf of the team: thanks for the warm words and for taking the time to make a video. We are aware of the lack of options, but we with only eight weeks to develop the game, we had to strictly prioritize ;) Nevertheless, we're thrilled you've enjoyed the story. Have a good one!